Avoin ovi palveluihin project

Avoin ovi palveluihin is a development project funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the City of Helsinki. The project will run from 1.10.2020 to 31.8.2024, with the objective of clarifying and improving the advisory and guidance services directed at foreign-language speakers in Helsinki.

Avoin ovi palveluihin project is combined effort of Helsinki-info, Helsinki Employment Services' advisory service, the Education Division as well as the Social Services and Health Care Division's Immigration Unit. Service advisors involved with the project operate in each of these units.

Helsinki Neuvoo

Avoin ovi palveluihin project has created a city level unifying model for guidance and advisory services directed at foreign language speakers. The Helsinki Neuvoo model of service was adapted to the projects four units in the beginning of 2022 and will be expanded to other advisory and guidance services while the project is still operational. The model includes common features and practices to redirecting, using translating services, proactive multidisciplinary cooperation, and peer support and communication between advisory service employees.

Neuvotaan Network

Avoin ovi palveluihin project started an open regional network for employees of guidance and advisory services in municipalities, state, public authority and public organizations. The network increases cooperation between different actors and makes directing customers between different services easier. You can join the open network by emailing Avoin ovi palveluihin projects project planner Marja Kivilahti (name.surname@hel.fi(Link opens default mail program))

Guidance and advisory services training module

The Avoin ovi palveluihin project is coordinating a national cooperation between different projects to build an online training module for those working in guidance and advisory services aimed at foreign language speakers. The training module will be divided to national and regional level sections.

Multidisciplinary advice pop up's away from traditional channels

During the project, many pop up advisory events have been held both regionally and virtually. As an example, virtual pop up's have been held in peer groups aimed at foreign language speakers. Regional pop up's have been held in Kannelmäki and Tallinnanaukio in Itäkeskus. With these pop up's its possible to reach residents of Helsinki that are not previously familiar with the city's guidance and advisory services. 

Mapping out the starting situation

In the spring of 2021 a survey of the guidance and advisory services directed at foreign language speakers was made in Finnish. The development needs that surfaced from the survey have been noted in the Helsinki Neuvoo model as well as in the plans of the follow-up project period. 

For more questions on the project, contact:
Project Manager: Aino Hautsalo
name.surname@hel.fi(Link opens default mail program)
tel. 040 157 9734(Link starts a phone call)