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Exercise groups for seniors

The City of Helsinki range of exercise options for seniors includes various workouts, instructed gym training and water exercise. See the menu below for more information about exercise groups.

You can enquire about vacancies in exercise classes by calling the free-of-charge Liikuntaluuri telephone service Monday–Thursday at 13:00–15:00.

09 310 32623(Link starts a phone call)

Ikäihmiset jumppaavat kuminauhalla ohjatulla tunnilla.
Photo: Maarit Hohteri

Adult Education Centre’s exercise courses

The Adult Education Centre organises exercise courses for seniors in various parts of Helsinki and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The wide range of courses on offer includes e.g. zumba, tai chi and gentle yoga. 

Registration for Adult Education Centre courses: 

Service centre exercise groups

All our service centres provide opportunities for exercising in instructed groups as well as independently at the gym. 

Unless otherwise stated, the service centre exercise groups are free of charge. Enrol in the instructed groups by contacting either the instructor or the service centre information desk. You can get the required service centre card from the service centre’s information desk.

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