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Helsinki-kanava workout videos

Exercising at home is easy. If it is sleeting outside or you find yourself in need of change in your daily routine, why not utilise the many remote workout videos available! 

Helsinki-kanava features 40 easy workout videos for seniors that you can use to exercise on your own, according to your own schedule. The videos cover topics ranging from body maintenance, dance and muscle strength to chair workouts.

Watch the Helsinki-kanava workout videos(Link leads to external service) 

Yle Areena workout videos

Shorter workout sessions for people of all ages are available at Yle Areena. There are as many as 60 different workout videos lasting approximately 10 minutes each. You can exercise in accordance with your fitness level either sitting down or standing up. The videos were made in cooperation between Yle and the City of Helsinki.

Watch Yle Areena workout videos (In Finnish)(Link leads to external service)


KotiTV provides the elderly with physical remote rehabilitation as well as stimulating memory rehabilitation on TV daily Mon–Fri at 11:00–13:00. KotiTV is available on channel 33 of the antenna network and on channel 66 of the cable network.

The KotiTV customer service is available by phone 10:00-12:00 t 050 551 4066.

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