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Community centres

At the community centres, you can engage in recreational activities, meet people, volunteer and spend your free time. The community centres also have all kinds of recreational groups engaging e.g. in sports, arts and crafts. Digital support is also available during the community centre opening hours. There are 10 community centres throughout Helsinki.

You are welcome to enjoy the service centres’ affordable cafés or read the daily papers. Community centres organise free excursions, courses and theme days all year round.

Find the nearest community centre(Link leads to external service)

Neighbourhood circles

Neighbourhood circles are local living rooms where you can meet other local residents. Neighbourhood circles are run by volunteers, and participating in them is mostly free of charge.

People of all ages are welcome to participate in neighbourhood circles but the groups operate on the terms of the elderly participants. The content of the meetings can be tailored according to the participants’ requests.

More information about the neighbourhood circles (In Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

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