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Our service centres are there for you

The service centres are open meeting places for pensioners and unemployed people who need someone to talk to, something to do or support with their daily life. Helsinki has a total of 15 service centres. You are welcome to all of them, regardless of where you live in the city.

The service centres offer a nice way to spend time. You can go to these centres to read the daily newspaper or have lunch at the restaurant. Help is also available with matters related to various city services. 

You can explore the service centre premises and open group activities without having to enrol in advance. You can get a free-of-charge service centre card from the service centre information desk.

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Service centre arts and crafts groups

Service centre arts and crafts groups offer creative activities for everyone interested. You can work by yourself or take part in guided courses. Ask the service centre information desk for more information about the groups.

Arts and crafts groups are available in these service centres

Ikäihmiset pelaavat lautapeliä
Photo: Katja Tähjä

Exercising in service centres 

All service centres provide opportunities for physical activity. You can participate in various instructed exercise groups or train at the gym independently.

Some of the exercise groups are subject to a charge. Gyms are available free of charge. You can get the required service centre card from the service centre information desk.

Read more about the exercise groups

Library in service centres

The services of the library points at the Kontula, Kustaankartano, Roihuvuori, Riistavuori and Myllypuro Service Centres are available with your Helmet library card.

Furthermore, the Kinapori and Kamppi Service Centres have their own library points. 

Digital support from service centres

You can book a digital support appointment at most service centres either by phone or on site. Personal guidance is available on how to use a smartphone or tablet computer, for example.

See the service centre units and their contact information

Ikäihminen käyttää tablettia
Photo: Katja Tähjä