Vocational school students learn together as a community

We learn by seeking information, gaining insights, participating in things and working together as a community. Vocational education and training emphasises community spirit, to which the students, teachers and other staff all contribute.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

It is important to know your fellow students. Studies give you an opportunity to make friends, form connections with working life and find your place in society. For example, the enthusiastic student body of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute (Stadin AO) provides support and organises events and activities for students. You can also participate in student body activities yourself.

Learning communities of 150–200 students have been formed on Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute’s campuses. Each community is supervised by a pedagogical team of 6–8 people. The team members include teachers, guidance counsellors and other persons who provide teaching support. The team coaches students in self-directed learning.

Students also receive support from psychologists, welfare officers and school nurses.

For more information on vocational education and training and studies(Link leads to external service), visit the Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute website.