Earn a qualification while working through an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is the perfect choice if you want to combine work and study. Tailored to the student’s needs, it is suitable for everyone aged 15 and above.
Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

An apprenticeship is a great way to develop your skills in numerous ways if you are a vocational student or want to change your career or expand or deepen your professional skills. You can complete any upper secondary qualification or unit of your choice.

In order to start apprenticeship training, you need to find an apprenticeship training position for yourself. Once you have found one or arranged to complete a qualification at your current workplace, please contact our customer service: +358 9 310 88431(Link starts a phone call) or oppisopimus@hel.fi.(Link opens default mail program)

Read more about apprenticeships on the StadinAO.fi website(Link leads to external service) (only in Finnish).