Rolling admissions

You can apply for studies towards an initial vocational qualification and preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification (TUVA) flexibly, throughout the year.

In the rolling admission process, you can apply flexibly throughout the year for:

  • vocational upper secondary qualifications
  • further and specialist vocational qualifications
  • apprenticeship training
  • preparatory education for vocational training

Apply when you have one of the following: 

  • an upper secondary qualification
  • a post-secondary degree
  • competence acquired in working life

You can also apply if you are without a study place.

The training offered is announced on a monthly basis on the Stadin AO website(Link leads to external service) (page in Finnish).

The qualifications with open study places are confirmed at the start of the application period, and they are shown on the application form.

If an initial vocational qualification that interests you is not available during the current application period, you can subscribe to a Stadin AO email reminder (page in Finnish)(Link leads to external service) that notifies you when it becomes available.

Application instructions for private educational institutions can be found on the educational institutions’ websites.