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International experience in vocational education

Vocational school students can develop their international skills both in Finland and abroad. As a student, you are part of a multicultural educational institution and city. There is a wide variety of international opportunities available both at your educational institution and across Finland.
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You can participate in the international study path. These studies will provide you with information, skills and know-how related to internationality and cultures. They may include international activities either in Finland or abroad. The studies support your preparedness to work in an international environment.

International opportunities in Finland

  • International opportunities in Finland

  • training agreement period (KOS period) at an international workplace in Finland
  • international study path
  • participation in international undertakings and projects such as virtual cooperation with European partner institutions
  • participation in courses and workshops that develop international skills.

See the links below for information in Finnish on how internationality is implemented at Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute (Stadin AO) :

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