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Cooperation between vocational education and training and working life

Vocational education and training is based on varied cooperation with working life. As a student, you will evolve into a professional through workplace education and training. Close cooperation with working life develops the quality of your vocational education and training and ensures that work and capable workers find each other now and in the future.
Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

Cooperation with working life takes on many forms from a student’s perspective:

  • you can safely see for yourself what working life is like during your studies
  • you can evolve as a professional by trying out what you have learned in practice
  • you can complete qualification units, fully or partly, in working life
  • you can build on top of what you have already learned by learning from professionals what real and inspiring everyday working life is like
  • the training also helps you approach your work like an entrepreneur.

Find out how workplace education and training is implemented at Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute (Stadin AO) 

  • ways to develop company personnel’s skills through various training options and strengthen companies’ best asset, i.e. their capable personnel
  • opportunities to build cooperation and collaboration models with us, such as partnership agreements used to develop working life in cooperation with the institute
  • free-of-charge training and support services for students’ instructors, and we also organise coaching for workplace instructors, in addition to various events and webinars. 

In the development of working life, one of the key areas is the development of skills. We contribute to successful working life.