Ressu Comprehensive School

Located in Kamppi, our school includes primary school grades 1-6 and lower secondary school grades 7-9. The teaching language is Finnish.
Ressun peruskoulu
Photo: Karo Pirkkalainen

Contact information

Lapinlahdenkatu 10, 00180 Helsinki Show accessibility information View location on service map
English Finnish Swedish
P.O. Box 18301, 00099 City of Helsinki

School secretary
Ami Kaur-Singh
+358 9 310 82102

School secretary
Tiia Järvinen
+358 9 310 21130

Leena Liusvaara
+358 9 310 82101

Responsible principal
Karoliina Hokka
+358 9 310 82031

School year 2024-2025

Language studies

Spanish, French
Spanish, French, German

Available: hall

Ressu Comprehensive School teaches children from grades 1 to 9. The school implements the city’s curriculum through IB programmes. There are Finnish-speaking classes, weighted English-speaking classes and a preparatory education class (grades 7–9). For pupils in Finnish-speaking classes, Ressu Comprehensive School is a local school. We have about 750 pupils.

Our goal is to nurture justice, empathy, respect, perseverance and curiosity in our Ressu community. It is important to us that everyone in our community feels safe and valued. 
Our pupils leave our small and safe community ready to face the big world: 

From the provincial league to the top of the world league!

Our school

Helsinki’s municipal curriculum(Link leads to external service) and the school-specific curricula of Ressu Comprehensive School(Link leads to external service) have been prepared on the basis of the national core curriculum. Teaching at our school is guided by the school curriculum. The school curriculum includes the objectives of the studies, the subjects studied at the school, the school’s working methods and the support offered to pupils.

Studies at Ressu Comprehensive School comply with the national core curriculum, policies of the City of Helsinki and the school-specific curriculum of Ressu Comprehensive School. The IB programmes, the Primary Years Programme (grades 1–6) and the Middle Years Programme (grades 7–9) provide the framework and approach for learning and teaching. Pupils receive textbooks and other educational materials selected by the school free of charge.

Learner profiles

The IB learner profiles set the common framework for studying at Ressu Comprehensive School. We strive to support the balanced development of the learner profile and thus guide the pupils’ growth into active and responsible members of society.


Language programme

  • A1 language, the first foreign language starting in Grade 1: English
  • A2 language, optional foreign language starting in Grade 3: Spanish, French
  • B1 language, the second national language of Finland starting in Grade 6: Swedish
  • B2 language, optional foreign language starting in Grade 8: Spanish, French, German

Weighted-curriculum education

A total of 80% of the weighted-curriculum education at Ressu Comprehensive School is in English. The education is intended for children from internationally mobile families who have native-level English language skills. In studying, the objectives and content of the subjects are the same as in the Finnish-language classes. 

Application for weighted curriculum education in English takes place via a language test. The language test assesses the pupil’s readiness to study in English. For pupils applying for grades 8–9, The language test also assesses the applicant’s Finnish language skills.

Find more information about the admission for basic education in English through the link provided.
City of Helsinki | English-language basic education

Students for the English language acquisition classes come from city of Helsinki and are chosen by aptitude tests.  These classes are intended for internationally mobile families. Language of instruction is fully English. Even though we have in the school classes both in Finnish and in English, we are not a bilingual school. Our English language acquisition class students study fully in English, except their Finnish National Curriculum obligated Finnish lessons (Finnish as mother tongue or Finnish as a second language).

Please note that applicants from Helsinki are given priority over applicants from other municipalities.

Please note that a sickness leave certificate is required for a possible retest.

26.1.2024 Aptitude test for the English-language education (7th grade) at 9:00 at Ruoholahdenkatu 23. Participants are requested to arrive on time at 8:45.

31.1. 2024 Aptitude test for the English-language-education (1st grade) at 9:00. Registration at 8:30.

Enrolment Application Information

Supplementary application round for English-language and bilingual basic education 2023/2024

Supplementary applications mean the round of applications for the free places that have not been filled in the main application round in January. Places are for the school year that started in August 2023. 

The new application period for grades 1 will be announced as soon as the dates become available.  The language test takes place in late January/early February.  For those applicants who arrive in Helsinki at a later stage, the test will take place in early August. The application forms and can be found in the link below.

Application form in English: Supplementary application round for English-language or bilingual basic education(Link leads to external service)

Application form in Finnish: Ilmoittautuminen kaksikielisen opetuksen tai englanninkielisen opetuksen valintakokeeseen(Link leads to external service) 

Available places and the aptitude test

  • Ressu comprehensive school has limited seats available for grade 1 for Academic Year 2023-24.
  • The aptitude test will be held at Lapinlahdenkatu 10. The date will be informed at a later stage. The applicant is advised to save the whole day for the aptitude test.
  • The group test for everyone will start at 9 am. The individual interview will take place between 10.15am-4pm. Applicants will receive an invitation letter latest on 1st of August via email.
  • The test does not require reading nor writing skills. The purpose of the test is to test only English abilities. Applicants cannot nor should prepare for the test in any way.

For more information, please contact:  (Link opens default mail program)
Tel. +358 9 310 76965 

Admissions for applicants who move to Helsinki in the middle of basic education

Aptitude tests

The school will invite you to the test after getting approval from Helsinki City. The aptitude test is arranged once a month.

Academic year 2023/2024: The tests are always conducted on the first Thursday of every month..

We test only English language skills to make sure that accepted students are able to study fully in English. Applicants don’t need to nor should prepare for this test.

Grades 1–7

Applicants will complete a written test. For grade 3-7 there is ONLY the written test, but the applicants applying to grades 1-2 will also have individual interview.

Grades 8–9

Applicants will complete a written test in English and they will be interviewed in Finnish.

In the interview, the spoken Finnish skills are tested, and only initial level of Finnish is required. (European frame of Languages level A1.2.) We require A1.2 level language skills of Finnish for those applying to grades 8 and 9.

We follow the Finnish system and students are placed to grade levels according to their year of birth.

Academic year 2023–2024, birth year of students

Grade 1 (born 2016)

Grade 2 (born 2015)

Grade 3 (born 2014)

Grade 4 (born 2013)

Grade 5 (born 2012)

Grade 6 (born 2011)

Grade 7 (born 2010)

Grade 8 (born 2009)

Grade 9 (born 2008)

For more information, please contact:
Email opens default mail program)
Tel. +358 9 310 76965

Studying at Ressu Comprehensive School is based on the IB values and the Ressu values. The IB programmes aim to encourage pupils to grow into internationally open-minded lifelong learners.

We have two IB programmes in Finnish and English: the Primary Years Programme (PYP, grades 1–6) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP, grades 7–9). The IB programmes provide a framework for teaching and learning. In both programmes, learning is approached through concepts that assist the pupil in learning how to structure fragmented information. In addition to the learner profile and information, the focus of the programmes is on skills and the objective of the learner becoming an active international citizen. 

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

In Ressu Comprehensive School’s primary school, the PYP is an approach and framework for learning and teaching. Studying in the PYP is conceptual and complies with an inquiry-based approach. The programme can be divided into three sections: learner, learning and teaching, and the learning community. 


We value the learner’s participation in learning. Pupils are encouraged to act, express themselves and take responsibility for their own learning. Pupils in all grades elect their class representatives for the pupil body from among themselves. 

PYP exhibition

In the spring of the sixth grade during the exhibition study period, pupils will be able to independently apply what they have learned during PYP in their own research. Class teachers and mentor teachers guide the research as the pupils apply the skills they have learned and their learner profile in the quest for knowledge. During the exhibition, the pupils will be able to demonstrate their skills to the entire Ressu community. 

Learning and teaching

The PYP school year is divided into six interdisciplinary research periods lasting 5 to 6 weeks, combining the objectives of the national core curriculum with the interdisciplinary PYP themes. The studies make use of the extensive expertise available in the Ressu community and the broad perspectives offered by the different subjects. Ressu Comprehensive School period plan

Each class has a class teacher and several subject teachers. The teachers work together in planning and implementing relevant interdisciplinary learning modules. There are also separate subject-specific learning modules.

The number of subject teachers increases as the pupils choose their optional subjects. The optional subjects are studied in mixed groups in both Finnish and English.


All pupils in the Finnish-speaking classes study Finnish and English from the first grade.

In addition, the City of Helsinki offers weekly native-language classes for pupils whose native language is not Finnish or Swedish, whose native language is Roma or Sámi, or who are returnees from a country where they studied the national language. These classes are held in the afternoons after the pupils’ own lessons at various schools around Helsinki.

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP focuses on communication, holistic learning and internationalisation.

Cycle of the inquiry-based approach

Learning and teaching are built around three central themes: research, action and reflection.


Concepts arising from the IB programme that transcend subject boundaries and include key concepts common to all subjects, as well as subject-specific concepts, are used as an aid in teaching and learning.

Global contexts

The aim is to compile what has been learned into easy-to-understand entities through six global contexts.

These contexts are:

  • Identities and relationships
  • Scientific and technical innovation
  • Orientation in time and space
  • Globalisation and sustainability
  • Fairness and development
  • Personal and cultural expression
Phenomena and interdisciplinary learning modules

The school complies with the national core curriculum, and phenomena are part of everyday life at the school. Pupils also participate in interdisciplinary learning modules combining different subjects.
The phenomena and learning modules vary from year to year.

Learner profiles

The objective of the IB programmes is to support the pupil’s growth into an internationally open-minded, active and responsible citizen. We strive to achieve this by guiding the pupils to develop in accordance with the learner profiles. The learner profiles according to the IB programme include inquirer, principled, caring, balanced, reflective, communicator, thinker, knowledgeable, open-minded and risk-taker. The learner is guided to develop these skills throughout the school path.


Pupils receive grades on the national scale of 4 (failed) to 10 (excellent). The MYP programme assessment criteria are also used as an aid in the assessment, as they increase the transparency of the assessments throughout the learning process.
The skill levels in the assessment criteria are on the scale of 0 (did not achieve the objectives) to 8 (excellently achieved the objectives). The assessment criteria of the MYP programme support inquiry-based teaching and learning. The subject-specific criteria are explained to pupils at the beginning of the school year and in connection with tasks to be assessed.

Learning skills and comprehensive learning objectives

Ressu Comprehensive School has a learning skill path covering grades 1–9: pupils are guided to develop their learning skills (communication skills, social skills, self-direction, research skills and reflection skills). In the skill path, the IB learning skills are combined with the comprehensive objectives of the national core curriculum.

Project work

Every ninth grader completes their own personal project assignment during the last year of comprehensive school, for which they are expected to devote about 25 hours of their time. During the project assignment, the pupil designs and implements a creative or research-based entity based on their own interests. Continuous self-assessment and reflection on learning are important parts of the project.
Each pupil’s project is supervised by one of the school’s teachers. The stages of the project assignment are compiled into a report to be assessed. During the spring, the project and the related report are presented to the entire school community in a project exhibition. The pupil receives a separate attachment to the graduation certificate for the successfully completed project.

Actions for the benefit of the community

The aim of the MYP is to develop pupils’ understanding of their responsibility towards the community and their willingness to act for its benefit. Pupils are encouraged to participate in the activities of the pupil body board, to be involved in organising community events at school and to boost the school’s team spirit. Pupils also participate in everyday school activities such as cleaning the cafeteria and kiosk activities during breaks.

Pupils of the eighth and ninth grades have a one-week introduction to working life period (työelämään tutustuminen, TET). The pupils must find a job to complete the TET. For more information about TET, please contact guidance counsellor Jenni Soljasalo.

Read more about the MYP

Emmi Kuosmanen, coordinator of the IB MYP, and Leena Liusvaara, school principal, will be happy to answer any enquiries regarding the MYP.
Subject-specific enquiries can also be directed to the subject coordinators, whose contact details are available from the subject teacher or coordinator.
You can also visit the IBO website at leads to external service).

Supplementary admission round for basic education in English (Grade 1)

Supplementary admission round for free places in basic education in English opens on Monday 13 May 2024 and closes on Sunday 28 July 2024. Applications received outside the application period will not be processed.  

Apply by submitting an online application. A link to the application form will be added here by Monday 13 May. You can apply to up to five different school options.

Our school has 2 free places for Grade 1.

If you wish to apply for a place in the fully English-language education in grades 2–9, you can apply via the continuous admission route, if you meet the admission criteria. 

The applicant must participate in a language test and pass it in order to be eligible for admission. The free places will be filled with eligible applicants in the order of their language test score.

The language test for English language education in Grade 1 will be held in Maunula primary school on Friday 2 August 2024. The test is held in Maunula school regardless of which bilingual school you are applying to. The results of the test will be considered in the schools to which you have applied. The school will send you an invitation for the test. There is no need to prepare for the language test. The test measures the applicant's English skills.

The results will be sent to the guardian(s) on Tuesday 6 August.

NB! If you are a Helsinki resident, you can apply for Grade 1 only if you have moved to Helsinki after January 2024. An applicant who is not a Helsinki resident can also apply, but Helsinki residents are given priority in the admissions. Non-Helsinki residents can’t apply if they have taken part in January 2024 admissions.

More information: leads to external service)

Inquiries: leads to external service)


Learn more information about the admission for basic education in English:
City of Helsinki | English-language basic education

The principles and operating methods for the collaboration between home and school are described in each school’s curriculum. These include parent-teacher conferences, learning discussions and communication via the Wilma system. 
Separate agreements between the school and the guardians on the practical cooperation and activities will be made. The collaboration between home and school is reciprocal. Each school has a board and a parents’ association.


The Wilma online system(Link leads to external service) allows guardians to obtain information about their child’s education, the teaching arrangements, and assessments, as well as to handle absences. Guardians receive school newsletters and can contact the teachers and the principal via Wilma. Wilma is also used by pupils and students to monitor their own studies. Guardians will receive their own Wilma credentials at the beginning of the autumn term from the school their child attends.

Learn how to use Wilma with our YouTube videos.

We have six-week rotating basic and vegetarian menus. Two main meal options are available every day. Each meal includes warm food, some salad, a grated vegetable salad or fresh vegetables, a beverage, bread and spread.

See the comprehensive school lunch menu(Link leads to external service)

See the school lunch menu for the additional general upper secondary school facilities(Link leads to external service)

The rules will be updated on the school website at the beginning of the 2023–2024 school year.

Contact details for our staff

Ressu Comprehensive School

Lapinlahdenkatu 10, 00180 Helsinki
PO Box 18301, FI-00099 City of Helsinki, Finland


Ruoholahdenkatu 23, 00180 Helsinki
PO Box 18303, FI-00099 City of Helsinki, Finland

Office opening hours Monday to Friday 9:00–12:00

School secretary

Ami Kaur-Singh
09 31082102

Järvinen Tiia
Tiia Järvinen is available from Mondays to Wednesdays at RK.

The school secretary handles and offers advice on matters related to the pupil register and school attendance in general. All enquiries concerning admission and application to the school should be directed to the principal. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange personal tours of the school. You can ask anything about the school by email or phone. The school secretary should be informed of any changes in name, address, telephone number and other personal data in the Population Information System.


Leena Liusvaara
Tel. +358 9 310 82101

Deputy Vice Principal

Karoliina Hokka (the Spring term)
In charge of all student enrolment inquiries
puh. 09 310 82031 / 040 6672208

Vice Principal

Veijo Karhinen
Tel. +358 40 865 3288 (enquiries only in matters involving substitute teachers, preferably by email)

PYP coordinator

Lalla Pohjanpalo

MYP coordinator 

Emmi Kuosmanen

Chairperson of the board

Marjo Rintamäki

Teachers’ room at Lapinlahdenkatu

Tel. +358 9 310 82108 

After-school activities manager

Silva Kutinlahti
Tel. +358 40 660 8795

Preparatory Class

Annika Hovinen


09 31039651/0405861568

School caretaker (Lapinlahdenkatu)

Nesto Mattila
Tel. +358 50 401 3922, nesto.mattila(at) 

School caretaker (Ruoholahdenkatu)

Kenneth Eklund
Tel. +358 50 401 3827, kenneth.eklund(at) 
Caretaker services, property management, lost property

The evening caretaker is on call at the Lapinlahdenkatu building starting from 16.30

School cafeteria at Lapinlahdenkatu

Tel. +358 9 310 82111

School cafeteria at Ruoholahdenkatu

Tel. +358 9 310 31059

Aho-Penttilä Petra,  special needs teacher, English-languages grades 1–7 (leave of absence)
Andersson Svetlana, native language teacher, Russian
Antman Anna, Swedish, homeroom teacher 7D
Atieno Clarice, class teacher 2BD
Autinen Helka, special education teacher for grades 6A-D, 7A-D
Cavernelis Noel, class teacher 6BD, PTA teacher representative, Native language teacher (English)
Cederström Matias, Orthodox religion, Finnish as a second language
Chauhan Pankaj, class teacher 4BD
Chua Poh Yi, Enlglish as a native language MYP, resource teacher
DAmato Mario, native language teacher, Italian
Forsman Pia, class teacher 3AC
Gundersen Tuula, English native language teacher MYP
Haapasalo Hanna, mother tongue and literature (Finnish), Finnish as a second language and literature, class teacher 9A 
Haataja Iita, Catholic religion
Hautaniemi Olavi, Finnish as a second language
Heiskanen Kati, French, class teacher 9D
Holttinen Olli-Pekka, physical education, health education
Hovinen Annika, preparatory education class
Hämäläinen Anni, preparatory education class
Jibril Sofia, resource teacher 3BD
Joronen Iiris, mother tongue and literature (Finnish), Finnish as a second language and literature
Kalaoja Maija, textile work teacher
Kaljunen Katri, class teacher 1BD
Karhinen Veijo, class teacher 5AC, librarian, vice principal
Kekkonen Tiia, class teacher 5BD
Keski-Rauska Tiina, mother tongue and literature (Finnish), Finnish as a second language and literature 
Keskitalo Sanna, home economics, homeroom teacher 8A
Keskiväli Aija, class teacher 1AC
Kilpiäinen Hannamari, resource teacher
Koponen Veera, crafts, homeroom teacher 8C
Kukkonen Anu, mother tongue and literature (Finnish), Finnish as a second language and literature, (on leave of absence)
Kuosmanen, Emmi, geography, economics, homeroom teacher 7B
Käkelä Riina, English, Swedish, class teacher 8D
Kätkä Niina, student councilor
Laitala Katja, English
Lankinen Marika, biology, geography
Lehtola Akseli, mathematics, physics, chemistry, civics, history and economy
Malinen Marjo, crafts (on leave of absence)
Marin-Nuutinen Anne, special education teacher in Finnish-language for grades 1–5AC
Marjanen Aapo, class teacher 4AC
Martinez Madrid Diego, Spanish 
Miikki Päivi, Finnish and literature, Finnish as a second language and literature
Neva-aho-Honkanen Raisa Maria, visual arts 
Nikkari Meri, class teacher 2AC, biology, geography, health education
Nordgren Ulla, Swedish
Nuorteva Johanna, Finnish special education teacher for grades 8A-D, 9A-D, and 7-9 preparatory class
Parkkinen Helene, class teacher 6AC
Pitkänen Anne, class teacher 2BD
Pesu Mari, class teacher, 4AC
Pohjanpalo Lalla, class teacher 5AC, PYP coordinator
Porrassalmi Arttu, class teacher 3AC
Purovaara Selja, world view subjects, project assignments for grade 9
Rautajoki Heidi, physical education
Ruhanen Maiju, class teacher 2AC, history
Ryan-Kraujale Johanna, class teacher (on leave of absence) 
Saarikoski Ilona, music, homeroom teacher 7A
Sheehan Marcus, class teacher 4BD
Sivananthan Nirojan, Tamil Native language teacher 
Smith Meghan, Spanish, English (debate), class teacher 9B
Soljasalo Jenni, study counsellor 
Strandén Miia, class teacher 1BD
Sullivan Katri, class teacher 5BD
Suominen Markku, mathematics, physics, chemistry
Sytelä Jyrki, mathematics, physics, chemistry, IT
Tas Éva, chemistry, mathematics
Tolvanen Tuuli, mathematics, homeroom teacher 7C
Torchia Felicé, resource teacher, 6BD
Tripathi Sam Jyoti, Krishna religion
Tuovinen Anna-Stiina, class teacher 1AC
Viitakangas Vivian, special education teacher for grades 1-5BD
Väliahde Anni, class teacher 6AC, home economics
Väliahde Maija, class teacher 2BD
Webb Jenny, Weighted-curriculum classes in English, class teacher 9D (leave of absence)
Zayat Habash Nili, class teacher 3BD

Kutinlahti Silva, 2AC, 2BD, in charge of after-school activities

Hämäläinen Siiri, preparatory education class

Linnanvuo Ulla, 1 AC

Setty Lakshmi, 1BD and 3BD


Special Education Teachers

Autinen Helka, 1-5AC 
Tel. +358 406836897

Marin-Nuutinen Anne, 1-5AC
Tel. +358  406782369

Nuorteva Johanna, 8A-D, 9A-D, 7-9V
Tel. +358  408493336

Viitakangas Vivian, 1-5BD
Tel. +358  406487322

Guidance counsellor

Jenni Soljasalo
Tel. +358 9 310 82105

School Counselor

Leila Laitinen - Grades 1 to 6
Tel. +358 50 401 3296
At Lapinlahdenkatu from Mondays to Fridays

Katjamari Hartman - Grades 7 to 9
Tel. +358 403583056
At Ruoholahdenkatu  on Mondays

School nurse

Heini Liukkonen
Tel. +358 50 310 5575 or via Wilma
At the school from Monday to Thursday at 8.45–15.45
On Fridays at 8.45–14.00
Without appointment daily at 10.00–10.30 and 12.00 pm noon–12.30

Tiina Petrov - 8th Graders
Contact via Wilma
At Ruoholahdenkatu on Mondays

School psychologist  

Emmi Klosternig
Tel. +358 50413316
Available at Lapinlahdenkatu from Mondays to Wednesday
Available at Ruoholahdenkatu on Thursdays and Fridays

Morning and after-school activities, clubs and hobbies

There are many kinds of voluntary guided activities for pupils before and after the school day – sensible activities and fun together in a safe environment.

The morning activities before the lessons are offered free of charge. They are intended for pupils in the first and second grades, as well as special needs pupils in the third and fourth grades.

We organise morning activities from 8.15 to 9.50 every school day. These are outdoor activities whenever the weather permits. For more information about the school’s morning activities, please contact the principal.

Read more about the school morning activities on the basic education website.

Intended for pupils of the first and second grades and special needs pupils, the after-school activities in basic education are subject to a charge.

Read more about the after-school activities and the fees on the basic education website:

See the after-school activity locations in your area on the Service Map(Link leads to external service). You can enter your home address in the field provided.

The school organises hobbies and clubs for pupils free of charge, both based on the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities and as school club activities. See the Basic education website for more information about the clubs and hobbies. 

Find more information about the clubs and hobbies available at our school below.

Registration to the groups based on the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities is directly with the organiser. The registration is binding. The group will be arranged if there are enough participants. If you have to cancel your registration, please contact the organiser as soon as possible. The organiser will inform you of any cancellation seats and additional groups. 

Please note that the instruction in the clubs is in Finnish or Swedish, unless otherwise stated.

School club activities in the 2023–2024 school year

Field and Indoor Hockey Registration 2023/2024(Link leads to external service)

Indoor hockey for grades 3-4, Mondays 16:00–17:00 in the lower gym; you can register via the link and if you need more information you can contact  Noel Cavernelis via Wilma. Coaching is facilitated in English, but Finnish can also be incorporated.

Indoor hockey for grades 5–6, Tuesdays 16:00–17:00 in the lower gym; you can register via the link and if you need more information you can contact  Noel Cavernelis via Wilma. Coaching is facilitated in English, but Finnish can also be incorporated.

Indoor hockey for grades 5–6,  Wednesday 16:15–18:00 in the lower gym; you can register via the link and if you need more information you can contact  Noel Cavernelis via Wilma. Coaching is facilitated in English, but Finnish can also be incorporated.

The National Organization for Children show dance club for grades 1 and 2, Monday 16:00–16:45 Alasali, starting from 5 September; for more information and registration, see RessuPTA.

PPJ football club for grades 1 and 2, Wednesday 14:30–15:30, Alasali, starting from 7 September; for more information and registration, see RessuPTA.

The National Organization for Children art clubs for grades 1–4:
Tuesday 14:30–15:45
Tuesday 15:45–17:00
Wednesday 14:45–16:00

For more information and registration, see RessuPTA.

Free hobby groups based on the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities as of 4 September 2023:

Art “Oksa” (grades 3–6)
Place: Design-tila (RK-rakennus, Ruoholahdenkatu 23)
The super popular Oksa course continues! Welcome new students and our old friends! Oksa is a set city in the future. During the Oksa course you will design your own city set in the future, its services and people. During the course you will learn technical skills and learn to think like a designer. The course is a mixture of technical exercises, creative drawing and designing. During the course you will have the opportunity to take part in playful competitions. You will also have the opportunity to take part in flow exercises to access your creative superpowers.
At Ressu School we offer two groups. Please read carefully to select the right group for your child.
Group1 Wednesdays 14.30-16.00 for new students
Group2 Wednesdays 16.00-17.30 for students who continue Oksa
More details can be found here: leads to external service)
or enroll directly: opens default mail program)
Organizers: Manual Productions & The Finnish Model For Leisure Activities

Nyt pelittää! (grades 3-6)
Thursdays 4 pm – 5.30 pm (in English)
We will explore the world of various games, discuss gaming hobbies, design our own games, create card and board games - and play together.
Instructor: Tuisku Hiltunen 

Contact: Joonas Tähtinen, Phone: 0505587210, Email: opens default mail program) 
Enroll here: leads to external service)

Organizers: Helsingin kuvataidekoulu / Harrastamisen Suomen malli

Our school board

Every school has a board that guides and develops the school operations. School board includes guardian, pupil, and staff members. The City of Helsinki’s Education Division’s Board chooses the school board members for a four-year term. The operation period of the current boards is 2021–2025. It is the board that approves the school action plan annually.

Add board meeting text here or a link to an accessible PDF file. 



Roll call. The following persons were present

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Legitimacy of the meeting and quorum

3. Approval of the agenda

4. Choosing persons for the examination of the minutes

5. Agenda topics to be discussed

6. Any other business

7. Adjournment

Add board meeting text here or a link to an accessible PDF file. 



Roll call. The following persons were present

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Legitimacy of the meeting and quorum

3. Approval of the agenda

4. Choosing persons for the examination of the minutes

5. Agenda topics to be discussed

6. Any other business

7. Adjournment

Add board meeting text here or a link to an accessible PDF file. 



Roll call. The following persons were present

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Legitimacy of the meeting and quorum

3. Approval of the agenda

4. Choosing persons for the examination of the minutes

5. Agenda topics to be discussed

6. Any other business

7. Adjournment

Add board meeting text here or a link to an accessible PDF file. 



Roll call. The following persons were present

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Legitimacy of the meeting and quorum

3. Approval of the agenda

4. Choosing persons for the examination of the minutes

5. Agenda topics to be discussed

6. Any other business

7. Adjournment

Our school on social media

We share stories and posts about our school also on Facebook, make sure to hit follow!

Ressu Comprehensive School on Facebook (Link leads to external service)


Lapinlahdenkatu 10, 00180 Helsinki
Location on map - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

The route to the main entrance

  • The route to the entrance is guided, rough and illuminated.
  • The passage has 3 consecutive steps.

The entrance "alternative entrance"

  • The entrance stands out clearly and is illuminated.
  • In connection with the entrance, there are 3 consecutive steps.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door is heavy or otherwise hard to open.
  • The foyer is cramped.

In the facility

  • The customer service point has 4 floors.
  • For moving around, there is a lift cramped for wheelchair users that is difficult to perceive; the door opens with an access control key. The floor numbers in the lift cannot be felt with fingers. (The minimum dimensions for an accessible lift are width 1.1 m and depth 1.4 m.)
  • The facility has thresholds over 2 cm high.
  • The indoor walkways have at least 4 steps with handrails on both sides.
  • The doors in the facility stand out clearly.