Dronesta kuvattu näkymä kerrostalojen sisäpihalle.
Kruunuvuorenranta will be built in Kruunuvuorenselkä, across from the inner city. By early 2030, Kruunuvuorenranta will have homes for 13,500 residents and create about 800 jobs.

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The Kruunuvuorenranta area

In Kruunuvuorenranta, you live surrounded by nature but close to essential services. The area’s excellent outdoor activities, recreation opportunities, seaside location, and light art create a unique atmosphere. In the future, you will be able to travel from Kruunuvuorenranta to the city centre in 15 minutes by tram, when the Crown Bridges tram line connection is finished.  

Everyone can find a suitable home in Kruunuvuorenranta. In accordance with Helsinki’s housing and land-use implementation programme, Kruunuvuorenranta will have owner-occupied housing, privately financed and state-subsidised rental housing, right-of-occupancy housing, price-controlled HITAS housing, and student and senior housing. The building types and floor plans are diverse.  

Kruunuvuorenranta has nine areas that each have a slightly different look. Of these, Haakoninlahti has the most urban feel. The area also has various townhouses: The Kaitalahti area offers lots for building detached homes. Koirasaari even has lots with a private beach. 

The pathways and nature trails that follow the shoreline are at most a few hundred metres away from anywhere in Kruunuvuorenranta. The natural scenery varies from rocky forests to coastal meadows and small, bare islands. The nature trails run alternately through rugged outcrops and valley groves. 

Kruunuvuori, the area’s namesake, is largely a recreational area. In the middle of what almost seems like a wilderness area is the Kruunuvuorenlampi pond, formed and nestled in a rock formation thousands of years ago. Along with its shoreline, it is a designated nature reserve. 

The Stansvik grove and mine area nature reserve is about five and a half hectares. The mine shafts have filled with water and have been fenced off, but the surrounding natural area is worth seeing.  There is a protected linden grove in the southeastern part of Kruunuvuori. 

Kruunuvuorenranta will be a district of light, which you can admire from the inner city, the sea, and the islands. The lighting and works of light art are a permanent part of Kruunuvuorenranta’s identity. The light art and artwork is visible from public areas, lots and buildings. 

Kruunuvuorenranta’s blocks commission light art based on a percentage scheme. The works are made as part of the construction process. A light and landscape work created in an old oil tank, Öljysäiliö 468, has received numerous international accolades.


Valotaidetta Kruunuvuorenrannassa.
Photo: Lauri Rotko

Zones and plans

The detailed local plans determine an area’s land use. For example, it shows where we can build housing, offices and parks, or where the roads and other pathways are.  

Kruunuvuorenranta plans on the map - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)
Stansvikin uimaranta
Photo: Sofie Jokinen


We are building Kruunuvuorenranta over the former Laajasalo oil port, an area of 260 hectares. Construction is well under way and will continue until roughly 2030. The first residents moved into Borgströminmäki and Gunillankallio in autumn 2015. 

Despite having a very urban look, there are also various types of single-family homes, townhouses and floating houses. We are also looking for new concepts for apartments and flats. For example, the area has lofts, three-storey city villas, star-shaped blocks of flats, and 8–10 storey tower blocks. 

Kruunuvuorenrannan rakentamisen aikataulut kuvana
Havainnekuva Kruunusillat-raitiotiestä

Transport links

Good transport links guarantee easy access to and from Kruunuvuorenranta. Herttoniemi has transport links in every direction, whether you travel by public transport or car. In the future, the trip from Kruunuvuorenranta to the inner city will take 15 minutes by tram. 

Important links for transport:
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The City of Helsinki has minimum parking space requirements in the detailed plans to ensure that a certain number of parking spaces are built in the area. The minimum parking space requirements are based on the excellent public transport system, among other things. 

Residents park in area parking facilities, Kruunuparkki car parks, lots and other designated areas. Construction is finished of all five of the area’s Kruunuparkki car parks. Housing companies rent parking spots for their residents, and you can enquire about available parking from them. Kruunuvuorenrannan Palvelu Oy maintains the car parks. 

Street parking will be short-term and reserved for residents’ guests and other area visitors. According to current plans, on-street parking spots will have time limits, but only on weekdays. There will be no restrictions on parking on weekends and midweek holidays. Resident and business parking systems will not be used in the area, as the planned parking for residents and businesses is on the lots. 

There may be deviations from the parking arrangements as the area continues to be built. You should always check the traffic signs for possible parking restrictions. Temporary on-street parking spots have been made available for construction workers and area residents. These temporary parking spots will become fewer as construction progresses and will disappear completely when the final parking arrangements can be made. 


When the area is completely finished, the most important public and commercial services will all be within walking distance. Most of the commercial services will be located within the central block. 

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Contact information

Kati Kiyancicek

Project Director
Coordination of construction and planning  Helsinki City Executive Office neighbourhood construction 

Mikko Ahola

Project Engineer 
Coordination of construction and planning  Helsinki City Executive Office neighbourhood construction