Homes will be built for about 30,000 residents on a 170-hectare waterfront area in the eastern part of the inner city, which is expected to create over 10,000 jobs.

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The Kalasatama area

Kalasatama offers dense urban living close to services and public transport. The area includes excellent transport connections to several directions. The sea is present everywhere, and the Isoisänsilta Bridge provides convenient access to the Mustikkamaa recreational area. Once the area is completed, a six-kilometre-long seaside trail will travel along shores of Kalasatama.

The homes being built in Kalasatama are mainly blocks of flats, but there are also townhouses in the area. Eight tower blocks are being built at the Redi Shopping Centre, seven of which are residential. The towers have 20–37 stories, and the tallest of them is over 130 metres. There are plans for floating houses in the northern part of Verkkosaari.

Everyone can find a suitable home from the diverse housing available in Kalasatama. Kalasatama promotes community in many ways. The courtyards are shared by several housing companies. 

We install and promote public art in Kalasatama’s environment to make the area more enjoyable for residents. The public art may be permanent (70%) or temporary (15%), and it can include various events (15%).

The City of Helsinki’s Executive Office manages the environmental art project with the Urban Environment and Culture and Leisure divisions. The public art in the environment is funded with fees charged to developers based on the area of each floor, 10 euros per square metre. 

Zones and plans

The detailed local plans determine an area’s land use. For example, they show where we can build housing, offices and parks, or where the roads and other pathways are. 

Kalasatama plans on the map view - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)


We began building Kalasatama in 2009, and it will continue until the end of the 2030s. Kalasatama is one of the largest construction areas in Helsinki. The first residents moved into Kalasatama in autumn 2012. 

The Kalasatama area has been an industrial and port area since the late 1800s. The port was moved to Vuosaari at the end of 2008. Some small-scale industry remains in the area. Over the last decades, the shoreline has been expanded by filling. The islands in the area, such as Kyläsaari, Iso Verkkosaari, Pieni Verkkosaari, Sompasaari, and Hanasaari are buried under the current Kalasatama development. 

Additional information on upcoming construction in the area is available below:

The aim is to complete Loviseholminpuisto park and Kalasatamanpuisto park by the end of 2023.
Streets in Sompasaari, southern part of Verkkosaari and Työpajanpiha will be finalised.
The construction work of Kaasutehtaankatu and Kaasutehtaankenttä in Suvilahti is scheduled to start in autumn 2023.
The pre- and street construction of the southern part of Nihti will start in 2023.

The last apartments in Sompasaari will be completed in early 2024. 

Residential construction will continue in Nihti and the northern part of Verkkosaari.

The last residential building in Työpajanpiha will be completed in summer 2023.

The fourth Redi high-rise building will be completed in early 2024.

The construction of the Suvilahti event block is scheduled to start at the end of 2023.

Verkkosaaren päiväkoti daycare centre will be opened in February 2023.
Sompasaaren päiväkoti daycare centre will be opened at the beginning of 2024 at the latest.
The construction of Nihdin päiväkoti daycare centre is scheduled to start in autumn 2023.

High-rise buildings under construction in Kalasatama. Photo: Tero Pajukallio
High-rise buildings under construction in Kalasatama. Photo: Tero Pajukallio
Polkupyöräilijöitä Kalasatamassa.
Photo: Riku Pihlanto

Traffic connections

Kalasatama is easy to reach by public transport, bicycle or car.  The area’s accessibility will be further improved with the completion of the Crown Bridges and Kalasatama-to-Pasila tram line currently under construction. The aim is to start operating the line from Kalasatama to Pasila in the autumn of 2024 and the Crown Bridges in 2027. In the future, Kruunuvuorenranta and Hakaniemi will also be accessible by foot and bicycle along the Crown Bridges.


The local services in Kalasatama are excellent. The area already includes a school, several daycare centres and a health and well-being centre. We will construct more basic services in the area as the population grows. The impressive selection offered by Redi and Teurastamo caters to the residents of Kalasatama. In the coming years, Suvilahti will develop into an event hub.

Kalasatama services on the map view - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Contact information

Miikka Hakari

Project Director
Kalasatama neighbourhood construction

Petri Hoppula

Project Engineer
Kalasatama neighbourhood construction