Renovation of ramp bridges in Viikki

Two ramp bridges leading from Itäväylä highway to Viikki will be renovated. Preparatory work will begin in April and the renovation is scheduled for completion in October 2023. One of the bridges will probably have to be temporarily closed while work is being carried out.
Kartta työalueesta.

Two of the ramp bridges that cross over the metro line at the intersection of Viikintie and Itäväylä highway are being repaired. Two other bridges at the same junction have already been renovated.

The asphalting and waterproofing of the bridges crossing the metro line will be renewed, and any damaged concrete surfaces on their decks will be repaired as necessary. The edge beams and railings will also be renewed. Other work will include replacing street lighting and repairing damaged structural elements.

For most of the time, the work will not cause any changes to traffic, although access routes may occasionally have to be narrowed to demarcate the work area. Machinery may also cause some noise in the area.

One of the bridges will probably have to be closed for a while during the summer. Signage and traffic signs will provide clear guidance about any potential detours. The work may cause noise during the daytime.

For further information, please contact:

Samuli Sadeharju

Project Manager

City of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division

tel. +358 (0)40 689 8174 opens default mail program)