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Local master plan of Viikinranta–Lahdenväylä

The local master plan of Viikinranta-Lahdenväylä is being prepared. The planning area will connect Arabianranta and Viikki.
kuva suunnittelualueesta

The Viikinranta−Lahdenväylä local master plan will expand the inner city in the direction of Lahdenväylä, strengthen land use in the public transport zone of the Viikki−Malmi light rail line and safeguard the Natura values in the Vanhankaupunginlahti. Important for national public transport and freight traffic, the functionality of Lahdenväylä will be ensured while making it better adapted to the developing urban structure and reducing its harmful environmental impacts.

The local master plan complements the City Plan 2016 by indicating the city-plan-level land use and traffic solutions in the surroundings of Lahdenväylä. The Supreme Administrative Court repealed some of the City Plan 2016 markings along the Lahdenväylä. The local master plan is used to re-harmonise the city plan after the disruptions due to the repealed parts. Expanding from Arabianranta to Viikki, the inner city centre is designed to be compact and multi-functional.  

On 7 March 2023, the Urban Environment Committee approved the planning principles of the partial city plan, according to which:

  • the design of the area will be based on the principles of sustainable development, i.e. climate change mitigation and biodiversity enhancement
  • a dense, mixed-use urban structure in the centre of the city will enable the city to grow into an attractive area, combining good transport links with proximity to nature
  • Lahdenväyla will be developed as an urban motorway, reducing its environmental impact
  • the conditions for building the Viikki-Malmi light rail will be ensured as a fast connection between North-east Helsinki and the city centre
  • pedestrian and cycling networks will be increased and improved
  • public services will be scaled for the new size of the population
  • business activity will be promoted with the aim of maintaining at least the current level of employment in the area
  • the conservation of the natural values of the Natura reserves will be ensured
  • the green network and recreational areas will be developed to meet the needs of the growing population

Along with the local master plan work, more detailed planning, such as the Central Viikki plan frame and Pihlajisto planning principles, is being carried out. The Viikki substation will get an underground connection to the national grid as part of a larger whole covering the entire energy supply system of the city. The Kumpula key city block is planned to have a new tram depot. Preparations are also made for the future needs of the wastewater treatment plant in the area.

The progress of the local master plan and opportunities for participation will be communicated throughout the planning process.