New library and youth centre in Suuntimopuisto – share your feedback on the plans

A new multi-purpose building is planned for Suuntimopuisto in Puistola. The building would also house the area’s new library and youth centre. According to the preliminary plan, the facilities will open in the premises in 2027. Share your opinion on the preliminary plans in the online service and participate in the development!
Photo: Malin Gustafsson ja Ants Vahter

A school and a day-care centre were built in the western part of Suuntimopuisto with a temporary building permit as temporary facilities while the area’s schools and day-care centres are undergoing renovation. An amendment to the local detailed plan has been applied to make the building permit for the current building permanent. At the same time, the need for new service facilities will be investigated, for example, in terms of the new multi-function building. 

The planned multi-function building includes a library and a youth centre. The new Suuntimopuisto library will replace two nearby libraries, the Puistola and Tapulikaupunki libraries. The Suuntimopuisto youth centre will replace the youth centre in Tapulikaupunki. Regionally, the building and its services will serve the residents of Puistola, Tapulikaupunki and Heikinlaakso. 

According to population projections, the number of inhabitants in the region will not increase in the following years. However, there is a need for a new library and youth centre, as existing facilities do not meet current accessibility requirements. The current facilities are also somewhat impractical and inadequate. The facilities and services will be developed to meet the needs of current and future generations. 

Development work and mapping of usage needs will begin with a survey on the platform as of 15 May 2023. In the survey, residents can comment on the plan for the library and youth centre and share their opinion regarding what kinds of spaces the library and youth centre would need. For example, the respondents could share:

•    What would they like to do in the future premises? 
•    What kinds of functionalities should the future facilities offer? 
•    What is a regional library or a regional youth centre of the 2030s like? 
The comments we receive help us describe the needs and prepare for the pending amendment to the local detailed plan. 

The interior will be designed in more detail in the next phases of the project. On the platform, residents can sign up to participate in further development, such as workshops that will be held next autumn. Representatives of local residents’ associations and organisations are also welcome to participate in the development.

Comment on the plans and sign up for the development work!