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Kaksi lasta keltaisen taustan edessä.
Work for You event at the City Hall.
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Helsinki’s new model supports the employment of immigrant professionals at schools and daycare centres

The City of Helsinki Education Division, in cooperation with the city’s employment services, has developed a new model for immigrant professionals in education and teaching to employ early childhood education childminders or special needs assistants.

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Varhaiskasvatuksen opettaja ja lapsia
Photo: Maija Astikainen

What kind of jobs do we have? 

We are constantly searching for new education professionals in our Finnish and Swedish daycare centres and schools around Helsinki:  

  • Early childhood and pre-primary education teachers (varhaiskasvatuksen opettaja and esiopettaja in Finnish)
  • Early childhood education carers (varhaiskasvatuksen lastenhoitaja in Finnish)
  • Teachers in basic education (grades 1–9) and special needs education  
  • School assistants (koulunkäynninohjaaja in Finnish)

With the City of Helsinki, you will enjoy the benefits of a large employer and can influence what good living in Helsinki looks like.  

Both permanent and fixed term contracts are available.

For permanent jobs, you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria with regards to language and qualification requirements.

Fixed term contracts may be, however, a good opportunity when you don’t meet the formal job requirements, but have a qualification in education from abroad. Fixed term contract can be up to a year. 

Lintubongari metsikössä.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Gaining work experience & professional development

Gaining work experience 

If you are a customer at the  TE Office (Employment and Economic Development Office), you can enquire about work trials and pay subsidies to support your employment in daycare centres or schools. 
More information on TE Office's website(Link leads to external service)

Learn more about registering as a job seeker in Finland(Link leads to external service) and browse vacancies(Link leads to external service)

See also Finding a job in Helsinki(Link leads to external service)

Professional development  

A child carer with sufficient language proficiency who is working on a temporary basis at the City of Helsinki may also apply for apprenticeship to become qualified early childhood education carer for a permanent contract. 

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Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

Contact us

Our recruitment team is happy to help you with questions regarding job search.

Give us a call on Mon–Fri at 9–15:

09 310 31738(Link starts a phone call) / Kati Mhone, HR

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