Information for Guardians

The School Board is an important link between homes and school. The chair of the board is Alina Haavisto and the vice chair is Ritva Myllymäki.

Parent-teacher evenings deal with upper secondary school studies and current issues concerning the Matriculation Examination. Parents also have the chance to meet teachers and tutor teachers. The parents will receive invitations to the parent-teacher evenings.

The students will enrol on their courses on Wilma and they can also see their report cards and schedules there. Absences are cleared on Wilma by the student’s parents or by a student who has turned 18. 

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The students have their own user accounts on Wilma. The parents will receive their own accounts, which will be active until the student turns 18. With the student’s permission, their parents can have access to Wilma until the end of their studies.

The tutor teacher has a vital role in the cooperation between home and school. They meet the students weekly in a group session and follow up on their studies and progress. Parents and guardians can contact the tutor teacher and, if necessary, also the student's guidance counsellor and members of the Student Welfare Organisation. Student matters are dealt with in full confidence and cooperation with the student in question.