There are still many coronavirus infections - Lets fight the epidemic together

The incidence of coronavirus infections in Helsinki is currently at a high level and rising slightly.

The incidence of coronavirus infections in Helsinki is currently at a high level and rising slightly. Familiar means will help to fight the epidemic. By doing the right thing, we protect not only ourselves but also our loved ones. Tracking can be speeded up by filling out an online form.

COVID-19 vaccinations are effective protection

“I warmly recommend COVID-19 vaccinations to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated yet. Vaccinations are the best way to avoid serious COVID-19 disease and reduce the risk of infection,” encourages Chief Physician of Epidemiological Operations Sanna Isosomppi.

You can book an appointment for the vaccination at or by calling tel. 09 310 46300 (on weekdays 8:00–16:00). More information on vaccinations can be found on the Helsinki COVID-19 vaccination pages

Face masks, hand sanitiser and safety distances are still needed

In addition to vaccinations, other familiar means can be used to protect against the coronavirus. Sanna Isosomppi recommends good hand and coughing hygiene, for example, using hand sanitiser.

“The use of face masks is also still useful if it is difficult to avoid close contact. I still recommend that you maintain safe distances from others, if possible,” says Isosomppi.

“If you develop symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, you should stay home. This will also prevent the spread of other respiratory infections.”

Exposed or infected? - Filling out the online form will help with the tracking work

Every resident of Helsinki who is exposed to or infected with coronavirus will receive a link to an online form asking for key information about the infection from the city's Epidemiological Operations Unit via text message. Filling out the form will significantly speed up the tracking work.

People who are exposed and infected will also be contacted by phone later.

Quick access to COVID-19 tests

The corona test time can be conveniently booked via the service or by calling the Coronavirus Helpline (tel. 09 310 10024, every day 8:00–18:00). More detailed instructions on how to apply for the test can be found on the Coronavirus

testing in Helsinki

Thank you residents of Helsinki

Helsinki residents have been active in seeking COVID-19 vaccinations and tests.

“Residents of Helsinki have acted responsibly during the coronavirus period. Thanks everybody! Let's continue along the same line,” says Sanna Isosomppi. 

The City of Helsinki’s coronavirus website can be found at