The effects of the postal strike on Helsinki Municipality financial management services

Invoices issued by the municipality

The municipality will issue invoices with generous timelines for the customers to manage their bills, and the due date will be put off. Talpa uses not only the services of Posti but also those of Jakeluyhtiö Suomi (JYS) to deliver letters. Consequently, mail will be delivered without interruption in the areas where JYS operates.

The strike does not affect the delivery of e-invoices.

Invoices issued to the municipality

E-invoices issued to the municipality will be managed as usual, but paper invoices cannot be delivered due to the strike. Those who provide services or goods should take into account the fact that the municipality receives only e-invoices.

Helsinki employees’ salary receipts on paper and other documents

Salaries and remuneration will be paid as is customary, but salary slips on paper or other paper receipts cannot be delivered during the strike. Documents on paper intended for the payroll administration should be scanned and conveyed as email attachments. For further instructions, please check the intranet.

Contact detail for the payroll administration as per division can be found here.


Contact the financial management

The customer service number of the financial management (09) 310 25300 is currently busy. In addition to calling, you may use a form to reach the customer service. Using the form, you may add at most two attachments (maximum size 5 MB):

Salaries and remuneration

Invoices and disbursements

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