Renovation of Vaasanpuistikko square to begin

The renovation of the Vaasanpuistikko square next to the Sörnäinen metro station and the Pengerpolku and Vaasanpolku paths bordering it will begin in July, after the renovation of the metro station has been completed. Once completed, Vaasanpuistikko will be a welcoming place to stay and meet. The work is estimated to be completed by June 2024.
Illustrative drawing of Vaasanpuistikko.
Illustrative drawing of the plan for Vaasanpuistikko. Photo: Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto NÄKYMÄ Oy

The renovation of Vaasanpuistikko will begin with the demolition of the structural layers of the square and the removal of old fixtures during July and August. Work will continue during the summer and autumn, for example, with the filling of structural layers and the construction of various concrete foundations and storm water sewerage.

In addition, one tree will have to be cut down in the autumn, since there is not enough space for all the trees to grow. This gives the remaining trees more light and space to grow.

The square and the Pengerpolku and Vaasanpolku paths bordering it will get a new multicoloured natural stone paving. The open and flat paving area will welcome terraces and various mobile sales outlets while serving as a stage for summer events.

The park benches will be replaced with new ones. In addition, the square will get new bicycle racks, which will be placed around the planting areas in an arc. Smart bins powered by solar energy will be used as litter bins. The area will receive new lighting, which will improve the visibility in the area.

The square will be completed during the spring and summer of next year, when new perennials, shrubs and small trees in planting pots will bring more greenery to the square.

Renovation work only a small inconvenience in the area

The renovation work, which will last for one year, will not cause major inconvenience to the properties in the area or to passers-by. The properties can be accessed throughout the renovation work. Pedestrians and cyclists in Vaasanpolku and Pengerpolku will be guided by fences and signs. Masonry on Helsinginkatu will cause momentary disruption to cycling and walking routes during the autumn.

Masonry and excavation work will cause intermittent noise. The aim is always to carry out noisy work during the day.

The contractor for the renovation of Vaasanpuistikko is VRJ Etelä-Suomi Oy.