Renovation of Vaasanpuistikko square to begin in the summer

Located next to the Sörnäinen metro station, Vaasanpuistikko square and the Pengerpolku and Vaasanpolku paths bordering it will be renovated in 2023–2024. The work is set to begin this summer, after the renovation of the metro station has been completed. A pleasant urban space with room for events and urban art is planned for the square. First of all, four trees will be removed from the square in March.
Illustration image of Vaasanpuistikko
Conceptual rendering from the plan for the square formed by Vaasanpuistikko square and the Pengerpolku and Vaasanpolku paths. Photo: Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto NÄKYMÄ Oy

In mid-March, four oak trees will be removed from the square, since there is not enough space for them to grow. This gives the remaining trees more light and space to grow. Round planting areas will be made around the remaining trees with shrubs and perennials.

The actual renovation work in the area is tentatively scheduled to start at the beginning of July.

Flowers and shrubs will be planted in the square, and small trees will be placed there in large planting pots. The plantings will make the square greener and create a park-like atmosphere, especially at the northern end of the square.

From an ill-reputed square to a pleasant environment with events

The square and the paths bordering it constitute an important urban square located at a key transport hub. Its cityscape and attractiveness will be improved by renewing the structures, surface materials and lighting.

Once completed, Vaasanpuistikko will also serve as a comfortable place to stay and meet, for example at city events, for which the renovated square will provide a good setting. Currently perceived as a troubled environment, the square will receive better, modern lighting, which will improve visibility in the area.

The attractiveness of the area will also be increased by the new multicolour natural stone paving, which will cover the entire square and the surrounding paths. The circular base of the paving will create a clear space for events. The open paving area will also welcome terraces and various mobile sales outlets. The aesthetics will be enhanced by five sculptures to be located on the square and included in the collection of Helsinki Art Museum HAM.

The renovation of the square is estimated to be completed by June 2024. Vaasanpuistikko was last renovated in connection with the construction of the metro station in 1984.