Online purchasing of residents’ parking is renewed

All resident parking permits were changed into an entirely electronic system on 17 January. At the same time, a new online shop for resident parking permits was introduced, which allows receiving the permit quicker. The new online shop makes the laminated permits a thing of the past.
Cars parked by the side of the road in Haaga.
There are currently approximately 17 000 valid resident parking permits in Helsinki. Photo: Teina Ryynänen

Using the resident parking permit, you can park on the residents’ parking spaces in your area for a monthly fee. This year, the fee has varied from 37.50 to 60 euros per month, depending on the area.

Resident parking permits now faster to get

The new online shop for the City of Helsinki resident parking permits was introduced on Wednesday 17 January.

A new resident parking permit can be purchased in the online shop at Alternatively, residents can visit the Urban Environment Division’s customer service in Kalasatama, at Työpajankatu 8.

The new online shop makes buying the permit even easier than before:

•    The new online shop is open around the clock, every day of the year.
•    The parking permit is valid from the moment of purchase.
•    You can also change your licence plate number and address via the online shop.
•    You will be notified by email about the ending of the validity of your permit and any other changes.
•    The permit can be bought using direct debiting.
•    Separate permits can be bought for two vehicles.
•    An alternative car can be added onto the permit for no longer than two weeks twice a year.

Valid resident parking permits do not need to be changed to new ones. They can be used until the end of their validity. At the end of a current permit’s validity, a new permit must be bought in the new online shop while registering as a new client. The validity of your current parking permit can be checked by contacting the Urban planning customer service on opens default mail program).

If you have any issues with purchasing the resident parking permit, please check “the disclosure of your personal data for such transport-related purposes” setting on Traficom’s register, as this might be the reason for the online shop not being able to access your data. You can check your settings in the Traficom’s online service. For more information, please visit Resident Parking page or contact the customer service on opens default mail program).

Two-car permits and quote invoices for annual clients discontinued

Resident parking permits with licence plate numbers for two cars will also be discontinued. 
If a resident uses two cars which are to be parked simultaneously in the street area, both cars must have separate resident parking permits.

The permit is easy to update in the new online shop, and the changes are updated immediately when saved. Changes to the permits can be made in the online shop as needed. An owner of two vehicles who only needs one parking place in the street area can change the vehicle on their parking permit daily, if necessary. Alternatively, they can buy two resident parking permits. The second permit will be charged at 1.5 times the normal price, and both vehicles can be parked in the street area at the same time.

The quote invoice procedure which has been used for annual clients will be discontinued. In the future, all clients will be invoiced electronically, and the order can be made for a fixed term or paid for monthly using direct debiting.

The resident parking permit system has been in use since 1983

Since 2018, storing the laminated permit visible in the car has not been necessary, as electronic permits have been available.

Parking inspectors have monitored the right to park in the area electronically using the licence plate number since 2018. 
There are currently approximately 17,000 valid resident parking permits in Helsinki.