New Helsinki Transport Service website to open in May

The redesigned website of the Helsingin Matkapalvelu travel service will be opened in May 2023. The new website will offer information on the operations of Helsingin Matkapalvelu, ordering and cancelling trips, service channels and deductibles. The website will also contain current news about Helsingin Matkapalvelu. After its publication, you can access the new website at the same short address:
Helsinki Transport Services new website.
Helsinki Transport Services new website.

The redesign will change the look of the website, making it consistent with the other websites of the City of Helsinki. The new website aims to improve the user-friendliness and accessibility of the content and to clarify the structure so that the information and service channels will be easily accessible to customers on all terminal devices. The new website will also be available in English and Swedish. 

Increasingly functional websites together

The contents of the new website have been prepared in cooperation with experts, taking into account customer feedback from user surveys and workshops carried out by the city. The functionality of the website will also be tested with Helsinki Transport Services  customers at a later stage. After publication, the content of the site will be continuously developed, for example based on feedback from customers.

We would be grateful for customer feedback after the publication of the new website of Helsinki Transport Service. You can submit it by email to opens default mail program) or by phone on tel. 09 231 23 002(Link starts a phone call).