Heka’s family apartments are available – please review your applying criteria

You can now use Heka’s housing application to apply for family housing in different parts of Helsinki.
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Photo: Heka Oy

The rents of vacant apartments do not always match the criteria of apartment seekers. Housing applicants often exclude their applications from Heka’s resident selection process by setting overly strict criteria for maximum rent or other amenities. 


You can apply for more than one family apartment using Heka’s housing application(Link leads to external service). These can be applied separately to allow housing applicants to apply for a property that suits them. We can only offer applicants housing that meets the application criteria that they have specified. Thus, we cannot offer you housing for which the rent is higher than the maximum rent you have specified or does not meet your needs for features, such as a balcony. If necessary, please update the maximum rent information in your application to match Heka’s current rent level and review other criteria, as well.  

You can view available housing using Heka’s application by leaving the search criteria empty and pressing the ‘Search for available housing’ button. When you set search criteria, the application will only show apartments that meet those criteria. Please note that if you add an apartment to your application, you may still be offered another apartment that fits your search criteria.

Fill in Heka’s housing application(Link leads to external service)

Rental levels at Heka 

The rents of Heka’s rental apartments vary depending on the location and size of the apartment. The average rents of apartments are roughly split as follows:

  • Studio apartments average €480 with a maximum of €974
  • Two-bedroom apartments average €700 with a maximum of €1205
  • Three-bedroom apartments average €950 with a maximum of €1530
  • Four-bedroom homes average €1200 with a maximum of €2002
  • Five-bedroom homes average €1,350 with a maximum of €1,830

For example, a studio in Malminkartano can be €510; a two-bedroom apartment in East Pasila, €795; a three-bedroom apartment in Aurinkolahti, €1,100; a four-bedroom home in Lassila, €1,300; a five-bedroom home in North Pasila, €1,500.