City Board given situation report on the Ilmala Hall

In its meeting on 28 March, the Helsinki City Board was given a report on the situation of the Ilmala Hall. The Hall has been closed since late February 2022, when Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine started.
Puheenjohtajan nuija kaupunginhallituksen istuntosalissa.
Photo: Sakari Röyskö

The prolonged situation is challenging in various ways. Having the Hall open would be highly important for the fields of sports and culture as well as large-scale events and other business.

The City’s primary wish has been to find a new, private owner for the Ilmala Hall through a voluntary sale. The City is aware that a potential group of buyers is involved in negotiations to purchase the Hall. The City of Helsinki does not have a role in the fulfilment of this voluntary sale, but the City has monitored the negotiations closely.  

Based on the situation report, the City Board finds it uncertain that the ongoing negotiations would lead to an actual sale within the set timeframe. The City Board finds that the situation is such that it is necessary for the City to take the required action to move towards making the Hall available again. Therefore, the City Board has decided that the City will take measures to make the Ilmala Hall available through the purchase of the necessary shares or the arena building itself. The City will also prepare for other measures in case a sale agreement cannot be concluded through reasonable action and within a reasonable timeframe.