Helsinki is an attractive employer

The City of Helsinki implements a good personnel policy aimed at increasing the well-being and comfort of its employees at work. At the same time, the aim is to improve productivity and competitiveness. Good management has been chosen as one of the strategic priorities of the City of Helsinki. Another goal is to improve the attractiveness and power of retention of the city as an employer.

Goal: The City of Helsinki wants to implement a good personnel policy

The quality of management is monitored with an indicator that consists of questions that measure the realisation of the cornerstones in the city’s management. The reading of the indicator is monitored throughout the strategy period and its results are utilised in management development work. In the first measurement in autumn 2021, the indicator reading was 7.4. 

At the City of Helsinki, the management competence of superisors is constantly being developed. The coaching and training sessions of Stadin Akatemia, targeted to the management and managers, attract over 3,000 participants annually. The strategy period's wellbeing at work programme devotes special attention to helping supervisors cope at work.

The personnel's experience of the quality of management: distribution of school grades.

Goal: The City of Helsinki wants to be an appealing employer

The City of Helsinki and the entire Helsinki City Group operate in the expanding city. The number of employees required for the service production of the City of Helsinki is expected to grow. At the same time, recruiting new employees by the city is more challenging than before.  
A key part in improving appeal is that the city’s current employees enjoy their work, are committed to the city as an employer and recommend the city as an employer. At its best, the current employees can attract new employees to work for the city. 

This entity is measured by the recommendation index, which shows how many employees would recommend the City of Helsinki as an employer. The data describing the willingness to recommend is collected annually. 

According to the 2021 Fiilari survey, the City of Helsinki would be recommended by 82 per cent of the employees who responded to the survey. In the labour shortage fields, the corresponding recommendation index was 80 per cent. 

Would recommend the City of Helsinki as an employer.