Art and culture as enablers of a good life

A significant proportion of Finland’s cultural institutions, cultural activities, education and operators in the creative industry are concentrated in Helsinki. Indeed, Helsinki is the national flagship of Finnish culture in its cultural offering. In addition, Helsinki aims to improve the preconditions for living a physically active lifestyle so that the health of city residents improves. All Helsinki residents, regardless of their age, are encouraged to engage in physical activity as much as possible.

Goal: Events have an important role in making Helsinki an enjoyable, dynamic and attractive city

There are approximately 84,000 jobs in the creative industry in Helsinki, which is equivalent to almost one-fifth of all jobs in Helsinki. At the a national level, the proportion is clearly smaller, less than 10 per cent. Nearly 40 per cent of all the jobs in the creative industry in Finland are located in Helsinki and more than half in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictive measures have significantly hampered activities in the culture and events sector. The impacts of the pandemic will continue to be felt, for example, in lower-than-usual visitor numbers at events and cultural services. 

Jobs in creative industries, annual average.

 Goal: Preconditions for living a physically active lifestyle are improved so that the health of city residents is improved

Clearly less than half of adult Helsinki residents are sufficiently active compared to the recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity. In view of the recommendation, the proportion of people who live a sufficiently active lifestyle decreases in the older age groups. 

Physical activity decreases with age also among school pupils and upper secondary level students. 

Physical activity has increased slightly between 2019 and 2021, with the exception of those in vocational education and training. Boys engage more often than girls in physical activity for at least an hour a day. The difference between girls and boys has grown between the surveys conducted in 2019 and 2021. 

Proportion of people who live sufficiently active lifestyle by age group in Helsinki.