The City of Helsinki organisation is divided into four divisions and the Central Administration. The divisions are: Education Division, Urban Environment Division, Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division and Culture and Leisure Division.

How do the city divisions make decisions?

Each of the four divisions of the City of Helsinki has its own division committee and one to three sub-committees that operate under the division committee. The sub-committees are tasked with specified responsibilities. Each division committee is chaired by the Deputy Mayor of the division in question.
The committees are responsible for tasks such as overseeing and monitoring the division’s operations and deciding the principles concerning organising and implementing services. Unlike the divisions, the Central Administration does not have a committee. It operates directly under the City Board. The City Council appoints the members of the division committees and their sub-committees.

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Find out more about decision-making

The Decisions service compiles the decisions made by parties such as Helsinki City Council, the City Board, committees and office holders. You can also appeal a decision through the service and read about current decisions and the City of Helsinki’s decision-making process.

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