The Education Division's advisory services provide general guidance via telephone Mon-Fri 10.00–12.00 and 13.00–15.00, and at the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00–12.00 and 13.00–15.00 at Työpajankatu 8, 00580 Helsinki.

Playground clubs

The club activities are for children aged 2-4 in Helsinki. Playgrounds run by the city have clubs, and they are all free-of-charge. Clubs organise activities in Finnish for children 1-4 days a week, for approximately 2.5-3 hours at a time.

In club activities, children learn how to be part of a group. Clubs also offer versatile pedagogical activities, outdoor activities, and exercise through play and art. Clubs also offer families an opportunity to make contacts to other families in the neighbourhood.

Club activities are provided in Finnish.

Club activities are aimed at children who are cared for at home from the age 2 until the beginning of free-of-charge pre-primary education in the age of 5 or 6. Children who receive home care allowance can also participate in the club activities. If the child is paid allowance for private care, the child cannot take part in the city's club activities.

The operating year starts when the school year begins, or by 1 September and ends on 31 May. The clubs follow school term dates and holidays. At the beginning of the season, the child's monthly care hours in club activities will be agreed upon with the family.

Places in club activities that begin in the autumn should be applied for by the end of April. You can enquire about free places by contacting the playgrounds throughout the year.

Clubs are open early childhood education activities organised by the municipality, which means that children do not have a subjective right to a place in a club. It is not part of the municipality's statutory services but the municipality organises it as an additional service for families.

Apply to clubs on the City of Helsinki E-services

Apply for children's clubs via the City of Helsinki E-services. To edit applications you have submitted via the E-services, please contact Service guidance for early childhood education.

Use the online service

Fill in an application for clubs on City of Helsinki's E-services

Requires authentication.

Application for a club with a paper form

How the process works

Application for a club using a paper form is possible in the following situations:

- the child does not have a Finnish personal identity code,
- the family does not have Finnish online banking credentials or
- electronic application is not possible for some other reason

The completed form is mailed to or left at the preferred club or any municipal playground.

Fill in a form

Application for a club with a paper form