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Changing or cancelling an early childhood education place

Changing early childhood education locations

If you would like to transfer your child to another daycare location or to a different type of service (for example from a regular daycare centre to a group family daycare), submit a transfer application on the Asti online service . You can apply for a tranfer two weeks after accepting a place. 

We apply the same allocation criteria to transfer requests as we do to new applicants. 

A child can get a place in round-the-clock care (care in the evening or night) if the guardian or guardians living in the same household attend regular shift work or evening studies. You should notify your child’s early childhood education provider about the care times one week in advance. If your child needs care mostly in the daytime and during the location’s normal opening hours, you might not be eligible for round-the-clock care.

If your child no longer needs round-the-clock care, or your need for the service reduces, the child will be transferred to a regular daytime group or location. In case a round-the-clock caregiver is absent, we can offer substitute care at a round-the-clock daycare centre.

Cancelling a place in early childhood education 

If you wish to cancel your child's early childhood education place, please inform the daycare centre manager in writing as soon as possible. This way we can give the place to the next child on the waiting list.

Suspending early childhood education

After your child has spent one semester, or approximately four months, in early childhood education, you can temporarily suspend your child’s early childhood education place. Notify your child’s dacare centre or early childhood education unit’s manager of the suspension and its duration at least one month in advance. The minimum duration of a suspension is four months and  maximum duration is 2 years plus the summer months of June and July.

After the suspension, your child can continue in the same daycare centre or early childhood education place if there is space for the child and enough staff available. It is important that let your child’s daycare centre or early childhood education place know the end date of the suspension at least two months before your child is to return to early childhood education. If you wish to continue the suspension beyond the end date you have already given, you must notify the daycare centre of this at least two months before the original end date.

Your child can only return to early childhood education before the planned end date for a justified reason.

During the suspension, your child can participate in club activities provided by the municipality. Child home care allowance will be paid for a child under the age of three and a supplement will be paid for any siblings over the age of three but under school age.