Electronic service - Edlevo

Payment and other decisions concerning early childhood and pre-primary education in Helsinki can be accessed via the new Edlevo e-service. On this page, you can find instructions and more information about the service.

In the Edlevo e-service (link opens in a new tab), you can find payment decisions regarding early childhood and pre-primary education as well as decisions made after the child has started early childhood education.

Decisions that are made after the child has started early childhood education include for example decisions on special and intensified support and club participation. On the Edlevo e-service, you can also find possible earlier decisions issued since 2013. You can also udate your contact information using the service. The information will be relayed to early childhood education or pre-primary education staff.

By signing in to the Edlevo e-service, you give your consent for the e-service and for the electronic announcement of decisions. Alternatively, you can use paper-based services. Please note that to open PDF files, you will need a PDF reader application.

If you run into any problems using the service, you can contact Palvelukeskus Helsinki’s e-services support, 
tel. +358 9 310 88 800.

How to use the Edlevo e-service

Login and the main page

Log in to the app with your personal online banking credentials. If you do not log out, your session will remain active for 28 days, after which you will need to log in again.

You can access the Edlevo e-service at hel.fi/vakapalvelu (link opens in a new tab) or via the Edlevo mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. You can sign in to the service using suomi.fi e-Identification.

You can find the main menu in the top right corner of the screen (three lines). In the main menu you can find all functions of the e-service.

The Edlevo e-service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The Edlevo mobile app automatically uses your device’s operating language. The browser version allows you to change the language after signing in. Change the language of the app by clicking Settings.

The breadcrumb trail is shown in the upper left corner. You can use the breadcrumb trail to choose the page to which you wish to return to. To return to the previous view, click the return arrow under the breadcrumb trail in the upper left corner.

Your contact information

Under My contact information, you can update your own contact details. When you log in to the e-service Edlevo for the first time remember to check and update your contact information. Re-enter your email address in the contact information and save the changes so that they are updated in the system.


Under Documents, you can view the payment and service decisions you have received. Payment and service decisions appear in their own folders.

Notification messages from Edlevo are sent from the email address noreply.vakapalvelut(at)hel.fi.


Click Help to see instructions on the different functions of the app.

To log out of the app, click Log out. If you log out, the session ends immediately. The next time you use the app, you will need to log in again with your personal online banking credentials. If you do not log out, the session will remain active for 28 days.