Various client groups heard in planning the Malmi Family Centre and Health and Well-being Centre 

The Malmi Family Centre and Health and Well-being Centre, scheduled for completion in 2028, will bring together a wide range of health and social services from the entire north-eastern region of Helsinki and parts of northern Helsinki, all within a single, integrated facility.  
Ilmakuva Malmilta.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki

Prospective clients have already been heard during earlier project phases. In 2023, our objective has been to inclusively engage with a diverse range of client groups, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and wishes. A pivotal element of this project has been the close collaboration between the planning team and the Division’s Participation and Interaction Unit. 

Young people

In the course of this project, we have actively sought input from young individuals through a survey targeting those aged 15–25, as well as by engaging with the Helsinki Youth Council. The feedback from young people emphasises their desire for natural surroundings, vibrant colours, and inviting communal spaces, such as a café, within the premises. 

Experts by experience

Feedback from experts by experience in psychiatric and substance abuse services was collected through a survey. Their responses underscored the necessity for versatile meeting spaces, adaptable facilities, and easily accessible services. Additionally, the survey highlighted the importance of collaborating with third-sector organisations to enhance the overall impact of these services. 


Furthermore, clients’ perspectives have been actively sought through collaborative efforts with various organisations. Members of the project’s inclusion working group have proactively engaged with local organisations in the Malmi area, hosting discussion events to connect with and listen to client groups whose voices are often marginalised in public discourse and urban planning. These discussions are set to continue into the autumn of 2023. 

Client inclusion has been fostered through low-threshold interactions and expert visits to locations where clients are. Beyond gaining valuable information, it has been delightful to witness the enthusiasm with which participants have engaged in conversations about the facilities and plans. Most importantly, the feedback has underscored the importance of participants feeling heard and acknowledged as active contributors in the process. 

Services of Malmi in the future

According to preliminary plans, the following health stations and maternity and child health clinics will move to the Malmi Family Centre and Health and Well-being Centre: 

  • Puistola Health Station 

  • Puistola Maternity and Child Health Clinic 

  • Malmi Health Station 

  • Malmi Maternity and Child Health Clinic 

  • Suutarila Health Station 

  • Suutarila Maternity and Child Health Clinic 

  • Pihlajamäki Health Station 

  • Pihlajamäki Maternity and Child Health Clinic 

As well as other family centre and health and well-being centre services from the following units: 

  • Pukinmäki Dental Clinic 

  • Malmi Hospital, building 18 

  • Malmi Office Building 

  • Malmin liiketalo  

  • Malmi Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Outpatient Clinic 

 Jakomäki Health Station is also part of the Malmi Family Centre and Health and Well-being Centre district. Within the Jakomäki area, there are plans underway to establish a neighbourhood service point. More detailed plans for this service point and its services are currently in development.