Residents heard in the planning of Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre

During the spring of 2022, more than 100 Helsinki residents participated in the planning of Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre in a digital developer group. The group’s proposals will be taken into account when planning future facilities and services of the health and well-being centre. The expansion of Myllypuro Health Station will start in 2026. The new facilities are expected to open in 2028. 
Myllypuron terveysasema

The developer group worked during three different periods in the spring. Participation was open to all Helsinki residents over the age of 16. 

“During the summer and autumn, we have carefully gone over the results of our work in the spring. We would like to thank everyone involved in the developer community for their cooperation and, at this stage, to explain how the issues raised by the developer community affect the planning of the health and well-being centre,” says Lars Rosengren, Project Manager of Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre. 

Functional spaces

Based on the results of the developer group, the design will focus on the functionality and comfort of the facilities. For example, more earthy colours will be used in the future. The facilities will be made accessible. The aim is to have the information and registration point in a location as clear and easy to find as possible. The facilities will feature different information boards and signs as effective as possible.  

In the waiting rooms, care is taken to ensure that the seating area is spacious and there are different seats for different needs. Based on the wishes, the entrance to the centre will be spacious and have a roof. The infection reception will be in a separate space with its own entrance. 

Services, longer opening hours and dialogue 

The developer group also brought up wishes related to services and interaction, which will be taken into account in the future.  

The group hoped that the client would always have the opportunity to deal with a person face to face, even if the service was also offered electronically.  Regarding remote appointments, there was a wish to have the possibility of visual contact with a professional during the appointment. 
In both the developer group of the spring and previous resident surveys, the wish for longer opening hours has clearly emerged. These have already started to be implemented in stages during 2022. Evening appointments are already available, for example, in health station services and dental care.   

With regard to the future event square, it was hoped that advice would be provided there, for example on health issues. It was also hoped that the square would feature peer support meetings and the opportunity to meet experience experts.  

It was hoped that resident events would be held as both live and remote events in the future. The developer community also wished to have the opportunity of a discussion with professionals and the management of health and social services, so that the voice of clients could be heard.   

The developer group had also many other good development proposals and wishes. We are looking into the possibility of implementing these proposals.   

“I am pleased at how Helsinki residents were interested in a new kind of digital community. We have received many proposals that are very realistic and do not necessarily require large budgets. I believe that in the future we will work more and more in cooperation with residents,” says Leena Turpeinen, Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Join us! 

If you would like to participate in the planning of Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre, please email us at opens default mail program). We organise, for example, resident evenings and workshops and send out newsletters.
The health and well-being centre currently operates at the Myllypuro, Kontula and Kivikko health stations. In addition to health station services, it offers social services for adults and young people, dental services, psychiatric and substance abuse services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, disability services and laboratory services.   

Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre in Eastern Helsinki serves residents of, for example, Itäkeskus, Karhusaari, Kivikko, Kontula, Kurkimäki, Marjaniemi, Mellunmäki, Myllypuro, Puotila, Puotinharju, Roihupelto, Salmenkallio, Talosaari, Ultuna, Vartioharju, Vesala and Östersundom.