The opinions of the loved ones of home care customers were investigated with a new survey – the services were rated good

For the first time, we conducted a new survey to find out the opinions of the loved ones of home care customers about home care. The loved ones gave home care services a score of eight on a scale from four to ten.
A younger person supporting an older one.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

 In the past, we have only surveyed the experiences of home care customers.

“ Their loved ones play an important role in home care and do a lot for our customers. The survey provided us with important information on what the loved ones want and need from us,” says Helena Venetvaara, director of Home Care services.

They are mostly satisfied with our contacts and services – there is most room for improvement in opportunities for outdoor activities

The majority (79%) of the respondents felt that they could contact home care employees, if necessary. 67% felt that a relative who is a home care customer receives sufficient home care services. 65% felt that they had received the opportunity to be involved in the planning and evaluation of home care services.

“We are happy with the results, but the development work continues. A big thanks goes to our employees for the results,” Venetvaara says.

39% of the respondents felt that home care had agreed with them that they can participate in the everyday life of a close relative who is a home care customer. 43% needed more help with the relative’s outdoor activities. 35% of the respondents said they needed more advice and guidance on issues related to their loved one’s illness and health and in supporting functional ability and coping with mental health challenges.

“We clearly need to further develop our cooperation with the loved ones and specify how they can be involved and provide support in the customer’s everyday life if they so wish. We are also striving to make better use of the electronic Maisa channel in communication,” Venetvaara says.

The mobility agreement is also used in outdoor activities

Based on the results of the survey, home care will review mobility agreements with the loved ones and customers this spring. The agreement is part of each customer’s care plan and has its own objectives for each customer.

“We think about what exactly are the measures that support customers’ mobility and smooth everyday life together with them and their loved ones. For some, this may mean going to the mailbox every day, and for others, doing chair exercises or cooking together, for example,” Venetvaara says.

The survey was conducted using questionnaires distributed to the loved ones of home care customers. The number of respondents was 1,174. The survey was conducted between 24 October and 13 November 2022.

The Home Care Services of the City of Helsinki have approximately 6,800 regular home care customers per month. Approximately 3.3 million home visits are made each year.  Approximately 400,000 remote visits are made each year.


Photo: Maija Astikainen