Telephone booking opened for influenza and coronavirus vaccinations of risk groups

The telephone booking service opened at 12 noon on Wednesday 15 November at 09 310 46300. Those in risk groups can call to make an appointment for vaccination sites for this week.
Vaaleanpunainen ja sininen kuvituskuva viruksista.

‘You can still make an appointment via Maisa, but now we also offer a phone alternative. The centralised vaccination points have not been as congested as last week. We hope that those in risk groups aim to get vaccinated during the rest of the week,’ says medical director of health stations Timo Lukkarinen.

The telephone booking service is open on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 until 1 December. On Wednesday 15 November and Thursday 16 November appointments can only be made for the centralised vaccination points.

Vaccination appointments also available in Maisa

Appointments can also be booked in Maisa. We have opened some more appointments, and will open more as previous appointments are cancelled. If you did not get an appointment earlier, you may want to try again. However, the vaccines are also available without an appointment.

If you already booked an appointment via Maisa, please come to the vaccination point accordingly. If you have already been vaccinated but have an upcoming appointment, please remember to cancel it.

Vaccination appointment at your health station

Starting on Friday 17 November at 12:00, those in risk groups can book a vaccination appointment for their own health station via Maisa or the telephone booking service. At health stations, vaccinations are only available by appointment.

Health stations vaccinate those in risk groups from 20 to 30 November. However, we recommend that vaccinations are taken at the vaccination points by 17 November.