Water games, seating areas and buzzer oases to be introduced in Töölönlahdenpuisto Park

Several experimental measures will be taken in Töölönlahdenpuisto Park that will quickly improve it pleasantness as early as next summer. Meadows, flower beds and plantings, play, gaming and seating areas and a dance floor have been planned for the area. The first work will start around the end of April and beginning of May.
Havainnekuva kesäisestä puistosta ja ihmisiä.
Photo: Havainnekuva puistosta / MASU Planning

This year, the City of Helsinki will improve the attractiveness of Töölönlahdenpuisto Park and introduce new activities even before a more comprehensive refurbishment of the park. An open event lawn will be sown and planted into a spectacular flower meadow, providing both joy for people and food for insects and birds. The plant species have been selected to include an abundance of food plants for insects and winter foraging plants for use by birds. Play, gaming and seating areas will be introduced between new meadow areas at the centre of the park. New trees and shrubs will also be planted in the area.

An area for bicycles, a dance floor and new plantings will be provided in the paved area next to Töölönlahdenkatu in the southern part of the park. Space will also be reserved for agile kiosks. The short-term measures are mainly temporary and experimental, though trees, for example, are planted permanently. Most of the measures to be implemented are based on ideas from residents.

The first construction work will begin around the end of April and beginning of May. In June, lawns will be turned into activity areas and meadows. Sown meadow areas will be protected with cover gauze for some time.

The work will be suspended from July to September so that people can enjoy the park. It will be resumed again in the autumn with the planting of trees, shrubs and bulbous plants.

Access routes to the park will generally be kept open, except for short-term closures. If necessary, information will be provided about this and detour signs will be installed.

The contractor’s equipment will move around the area. These routes will be marked with the required warning signs. Construction-related traffic takes place mainly on weekdays during working hours.

Last year, two projects were carried out in the north-east corner of the park, chosen by residents through the OmaStadi vote, i.e. participatory budgeting. “Lawns into Meadows” and “Planting cherry trees in the northern part of Töölönlahdenpuisto Park” are projects that will also improve the greenery in the area.

The current measures are experiments to improve the attractiveness of Töölönlahdenpuisto Park before the actual park plan is completed. The City Council has earmarked €1.5 million for park improvements this year.

The idea and concept plan for Töölönlahdenpuisto Park will be completed in summer 2024. The plan and its material will also be published in the Voice your Opinion service, opening it for comments. Park design will begin in autumn 2024, which also includes an interactive part. Implementation, i.e. the more permanent improvement of the park, is expected to begin in late 2026.