Kaisantunneli opens on 4 May – welcome to the opening!

The opening of the Kaisantunneli tunnel will be celebrated on Saturday 4 May. The event starts at 12 noon at Kansalaistori Square with a speech by Mayor Juhana Vartiainen. The new tunnel can be accessed after the ribbon cut at approximately 13:00.
Kaisantunnelin jalankulku- ja pyöräväylät.

The new pedestrian and cycling connection is cause for celebration, as it facilitates transport between Kaisaniemi Park and Kansalaistori Square. The underpass shortens the distance from one side of the tracks to the other by approximately 600 metres. In addition, it avoids traffic lights at four intersections in front of the railway station.  

The bicycle garage connected to the tunnel will open in the early summer. It will be a significant improvement to cycling services in central Helsinki. The garage will accommodate approximately 900 bicycles, and it will also have a bicycle washing and maintenance station. The needs of different types of bicycles, such as electric bikes, have also been taken into account. The bicycle garage is managed by Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd.

A celebration of sustainable mobility

In addition to Mayor Vartiainen, representatives of the city, Metropolitan Area Transport and the tunnel’s contractor Destia will give speeches at the opening. After the speeches, the opening will move to the new tunnel, which can be accessed for the first time under the guidance of the mayor at approximately 13:00.

The event will be hosted by the energetic and brilliant Mikko “Peltsi” Peltola. Troubadour Vihtori Maijanen will play music at the event, and a wheel of fortune will add some excitement. There will also be an opportunity to learn more about city bikes and receive guidance on how to use them. In honour of the cycling week starting on Saturday 4 May, Kansalaistori Square will also have other related events. Celebrate sustainable mobility and the joy of cycling with us!

The implementation phase of the Kaisantunneli contract began in April 2021. The tunnel is approximately 220 metres long, 8 metres wide and 3 metres high. The bike lane is 4 metres wide, and the pedestrian lane 3.5 metres wide.  

“The contract was long and very demanding, as the tunnel was built under the existing train tracks at the busy main railway station. For example, we had to plan the supported trenches and rock excavation carefully and carry them out on the terms of train traffic in short time windows. Now is the time to celebrate a successful outcome that, according to calculations, will serve up to 10,000 cyclists per day on the busiest days,” says Project Director Jukka Repo from the Urban Environment Division.