Malmi residents are invited to the mayor's residents' evening on 29 February

The mayor's residents' evening will be held at Malmitalo Cultural Centre on Thursday, 29 February 2024 from 18.30 to 20.00. The discussion hosted by Mayor Juhana Vartiainen can also be viewed live in the Helsinki-kanava channel.
The mayor's residents’ evenings can be attended in person or online. Photo: Maarit Hohteri.
The mayor's residents’ evenings can be attended in person or online. Photo: Maarit Hohteri.

Malmi residents are welcome to Malmitalo’s Malmisali hall to discuss topical Malmi matters. You can also participate in the event online through the Helsinki-kanava channel and send questions to the event via the message wall.

“I’m pleased to invite the people of Malmi to discuss local topics. Malmi certainly has plenty of them: it's such an interesting area, even from a historical perspective,” says Mayor Juhana Vartiainen.

Before the start of the discussion section, a pop-up market will open in the lobby of Malmitalo at 17.30. At the market, you will have the opportunity to discuss Malmi matters with the city's experts and other actors in the area until 18.30.

Use our Voice your opinion web service(Link leads to external service) to submit your ideas and viewpoints on the development of Helsinki’s Malmi district to the event organizers. Submissions will be accepted until 22 February.

Watch the video: Tervetuloa Malmille!(Link leads to external service)(In Finnish language)
Watch the video: Nuorten ajatuksia Malmista(Link leads to external service) (In Finnish language)
Watch the mayor's residents' evening  (In Finnish language)

The mayor's residents’ evenings have a long tradition

In the mid-1970s, the initiative of Mayor Teuvo Aura gave birth to Helsinki hours during which experts would answer the questions of residents and journalists. 

Even now, the residents’ evenings remain forums that allow residents to ask questions about the city's operations directly from the mayor and city experts. 

The city switched to the mayor model in June 2017, and at that time, it was decided that the event would be named the mayor's residents’ evening. Since then, the mayor's residents’ evenings have consisted of two parts: the pop-up market that starts off the event and the following discussion section.

The mayor's residents’ evening is held 3–4 times a year for the residents of a specific district or area.  Issues raised by the residents of the area are discussed in the event. The partners that help arrange the event include the district's residents' associations and other non-profit actors.