Kiitotienkorttelit – the future centre of Malminkenttä

The detailed planning of the Kiitotienkorttelit area in Malmi has begun. The plan is to develop Kiitotienkorttelit into the centre of the entire Malminkenttä area, with the Viikki-Malmi light rail line running through it. The planning area also includes a significant part of Lentoasemanpuisto park.
The planning area of Kiitotienkorttelit on map.
The planning area of Kiitotienkorttelit on map.

The overall plan is to develop the Malminkenttä area into a distinctive and diverse area along tramway lines that joins together the whole of northeast Helsinki. The Kiitotienkorttelit area now undergoing detailed planning will become the centre of the area, which will feature not only housing, but also the key service and business premises of Malminkenttä.

Open views and varied urban environments

The objective in the planning of Kiitotienkorttelit is to create a compact and pleasant area that offers appealing living environments and services in a comfortable, pedestrian-centric urban environment. The area is planned to include buildings of varying scales and a range of different spaces for urban living, from narrow pedestrian routes to open urban landscapes. The area’s housing options will range from single-family houses to apartments with great views. Parking in the area will be mainly concentrated to centralised parking facilities.

The historical lines of the old runways will be preserved, serving as the basis for the planning of the new urban structure. The area’s key pedestrian and cycling routes, among others, will follow the runways, in addition to which the runways will offer long, open views between the buildings.

The area will also have the Viikki-Malmi light rail line running through it, which is serving as one of the cornerstones of the planning. The Malminkenttä centre tram stop will be placed at the centre of the planning area, with the most dense development concentrated around it. The exact placement of the light rail line and stop will be defined in the detailed plan.

The eastern edge of the planning area includes a significant part of the future Lentoasemanpuisto park, for the design of which the City of Helsinki held an open landscape architecture competition. The general plan for the park was created based on the winning proposal. The park will be an integral part of the expansive park network extending throughout the Malminkenttä area, which will integrate the area into its surrounding environment and provide residents with a wide range of recreational opportunities. The park will also serve as part of the local meadow network.

Take part in the resident event on 4 October

The participation and assessment plan for the Kiitotienkorttelit area and the preparatory materials for the detailed plan can be viewed between 25 September and 13 October 2023 at our website Participate in city planning. The plans will also be presented at an online resident event on Wednesday 4 October 2023 at 17:00. The event programme and a link for joining it are available online at

A recording of the presentation part of the event will be available for two weeks after the event on the Urban Environment Division’s YouTube channel(Link leads to external service).

The draft plan is expected to become available for comments in spring 2024, and the plan proposal is supposed to be presented to the Urban Environment Committee in autumn 2024. After this, the plan proposal will be submitted to the City Board and the City Council.