Join us in planning the implementation of OmaStadi projects in your neighbourhood

In April and May, projects will be developed together with citizens and experts in April and May, both online and at events. A total of 45 projects that received the most votes from citizens will be implemented in OmaStadi. In total, almost 700 suggestions from residents to improve the city’s comfort were put to the vote.
OmaStadi, the Helsinki-based participatory budgeting approach, is based on interaction. Photo: Beatrice Bucht.
OmaStadi, the Helsinki-based participatory budgeting approach, is based on interaction. Photo: Beatrice Bucht.

The voting result can be viewed in more detail on the OmaStadi website.(Link leads to external service) Projects are developed together on the same site. Co-creation will start on 8 April with comments and ideas about the projects on the OmaStadi website. This phase will continue until 21 April. The comment fields on the website make it easy and effortless to participate in the co-creation process at your convenience.  
Three events(Link leads to external service) will be organised in Helsinki in April and May, in which citizens and city experts will discuss and plan together how the projects will be implemented. The aim of the workshops is to discuss together how to best implement the projects, taking into account different opinions. All projects will be presented at the OmaStadi events and will be open for comments. In addition, the city will discuss selected projects in more detail at the events.  

“Shared discussion about the development of the city is an important part of OmaStadi. Citizens have good local knowledge, while experts are familiar with matters such as construction. By listening to and learning from each other, we can make plans concrete together”, says Kirsi Verkka, Development Manager who is responsible for OmaStadi.   

Helsinki residents appreciate their city and its leisure opportunities

On the third round of OmaStadi, residents were especially interested in the development of maritime Helsinki. The renovation of swimming spots, increasing the number of winter swimming spots and new saunas or beginning to use old saunas again were voted for in six of Helsinki’s seven major districts. In addition, access to the sea without owning a boat will be improved and scheduled transport to the islands increased with OmaStadi. 

Through OmaStadi, residents also introduced matters for implementation that might not have been thought of otherwise. These include the installation of swings for people with reduced mobility and a study on the use of sheep to combat invasive species.  

OmaStadi is Helsinki’s way of listening to its residents

“We hope to involve a diverse number of citizens in the development work online and at events. In this way, we can get a comprehensive overview of the thoughts and wishes of the users of services and places”, says Laura Päiväpuro, City of Helsinki’s borough liaison.  

Information about schedules and interaction related to the implementation of the proposals is available on the OmaStadi Implementation website. Information on the implementation of the projects will be added to the website as the implementation proceeds. The website includes information about the implementation phases and schedule for each project as well as instructions for how you can make an impact.  

Participatory budgeting is an established practice in Helsinki. It inspires city residents to participate and get involved. A total of EUR 8.8 million will be spent on projects proposed and voted for by residents on the third round of OmaStadi.