Helsinki is seeking a buyer for Stansvik Manor

The City of Helsinki is looking for a new owner for Stansvik Manor in Laajasalo.
Kuva Stansvikin kartanosta kesäisenä vuodenaikana.
Photo: Sofie Jokinen

In addition to the main building, which was completed in the early 19th century, the deal includes a 100-seat restaurant completed in 1960, four accommodation buildings, a maintenance building, a sauna and storage buildings.

The buildings are well suited for purposes such as café, restaurant and accommodation operations and for use as a venue for parties. The total area of the buildings is 1,467 m².

All the buildings of the manor are located on the seashore or in its vicinity. The city aims to find an operator for the culturally and historically valuable manor to provide city residents and users of the area with interesting services that are as open as possible. In evaluating the offers, we will take into account both the nature of the activities and the price offered for the buildings.

Offers will be accepted until 30 June 2023.

The buildings for sale are located in the Stansvik manor and recreation area, a significant area in Helsinki in terms of its cultural history and nature. The land of the manor will remain in the ownership of the city.

The goal is to find a new owner for the Stansvik Manor buildings who has the necessary funds and know-how to renovate the manor for appropriate use. The City of Helsinki aims to sell buildings that it does not need for its own services or for other strategic reasons.