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Visits and international cooperation

The Education Division’s international activities are based on the Helsinki City Strategy for 2021–2025: A Place of Growth

These international activities support and develop the skills of students and personnel and are a part of everyday life at daycare centres, schools and other educational institutions. The activities include cooperation with partners, school camps, on-the-job learning periods, project activities, competitions and foreign visitors. 

The international education path starts during early childhood education and continues on the next education levels. The international activities implement the objectives of:


The Education Division does not coordinate Erasmus+ partner searches, traineeships or visits to units. You can search for a suitable partner via the platforms below: 

You can also send a message to the Finnish National Agency for Education’s mailing lists, describing what you are looking for in a partner. The mailing lists below can help you reach many schools in Finland, including ones in Helsinki: 

Visit requests

We will process visit requests again from 10 January 2023.

If you would like to visit us with a group of people, please send us your visit request at least eight weeks before the planned visiting date. The visits are organized in english. After receiving your request, we will contact you by email and let you know whether we can accommodate your visit request. Sending a visit request does not guarantee that we will be able to organise a visit for your group.

Send a visit request