Sibelius-lukio Upper Secondary School

Our general upper secondary school has a special educational task in music and dance. We also have a general track.

To graduate, students have to complete at least 75 courses and take the national matriculation exams, which give them eligibility for higher education. Sibelius-lukio also aims at allowing its students to develop as musicians or dancers and widen their artistic horizons. Genre barriers are knocked down in our concerts and various projects, where you can find a classical violinist climb on stage with a rock band and a hip hop dancer make the choreography for a modern dance work.

The school has three different programmes: the music programme (108 new students each year), the dance programme (27) and the general programme (30). Students are admitted on the basis of auditions and the grade point average (GPA) of their higher comprehensive school certificates. In the general programme the admission is based solely on the applicants’ GPA.