Instructions for Resident Use of School and Educational Institution Facilities

CITY OF HELSINKI INSTRUCTIONS Education Division Facility Services 20 September 2022

It is possible to apply the school and educational institution facilities of the City of Helsinki Education Division for resident use. Facility reservations can be made either as single bookings or seasonal bookings, mainly for evenings and weekends.

Reservation services for resident use of schools’ and educational institutions’ classrooms, auditoriums, dining rooms and other facilities that are not used for sports are handled centrally in the Education Division’s Facility Services. The User creates a personal user ID in the online space reservation system, which is then accepted by the Facility Services. You can register as a private person or as a contact person for a company / community. The user ID is needed for making facility booking applications in the system. A private person needs to verify their identity with an ID card.

An external user of the school facilities must have an adult in charge of the group’s activities and behaviour in the school facilities.

The person responsible for the facility reservation must familiarise themselves with the reservation system used by the Education Division and actively monitor the reservations in the reservation calendar and e-mail.

The facility users must ensure that

  • facility users comply with the approved reservation and are on time. The evening supervisor opens the front doors to users 15 minutes before the start of the reservation, provided that the person in charge of the group is present.
  • people who are not taking part in the event do not enter the facility with the group
  • the facilities are in perfect condition after use
  • the facility is vacated no later than 15 minutes after the end of the reservation.

The organiser of a public event is responsible for the safety of the event. The Education Division as the holder of the facilities and the owner of the facilities are responsible for the safety of the facilities.

In a school suitable for independent use, the user signs an agreement on exchange of keys that has additional terms for the use of the facility.
Photographing or filming in the facilities of the Education Division is not allowed without a separate permission.

All disturbances and property damage must be reported to the evening supervisor/school janitor and school principal. The facility user is liable to pay compensation for any damage they have caused. Disturbances, property damages, and unauthorised use of the facility may result in loss of access to the facility.

Smoking, the use of alcohol and other intoxicants on school facilities and in the school grounds is prohibited.

Cancellations of seasonal reservations must be made in writing to email address tilavaraukset(at) by the dates mentioned on the webpage Use of School Facilities.

The cancellation period for single bookings is two weeks. Individual reservations within a seasonal booking term cannot be cancelled. The user will be charged according to the reservation even if the facility is not used. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Facility Reservation Services: opens default mail program).

The schools' kitchen facilities are controlled by an external service provider. The use of the school’s dishes, storage rooms, cold room, refrigerator and other kitchen equipment is prohibited. In connection with events and accommodations, the school’s or educational institutions catering service provider can be asked for a catering offer.

The school principal has the right to use the facilities for the school's own events. The facility user will be notified of the school using the facility by email approximately two weeks before the cancellation of the reservation.

The fees for the use of the facilities are verified by the Education Committee. Fees for facility use are invoiced monthly. Neglecting payments will lead to termination of the right to use the facility.

Contact information of the Education Division’s Space Reservation Services

Service number for resident use: 09 310 12001
Email: opens default mail program)