In Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts you can complete either a media-oriented, a social studies-oriented or a general study option. Our operating culture emphasizes the cooperation between teachers and students, and the fact that we expect everyone to work hard and do their best.

Media and Society Studies

We study media and society from different perspectives, and learn how to make an impact and take action.

Our education emphasizes communication education a.k.a media literacy. It is a skill to acquire, analyze and handle information in a critical way. Society and the world of media are approached from different angles with many different media and society-related courses. The courses are connected closely with several subjects, for example Finnish, history, social studies, arts, other languages, information technology, psychology and music. There are courses on, for example, journalism, broadcasting, the multi-camera setup and composing as well as a course including an excursion to Brussels. There are several international projects and cooperation with universities and work life.

Students have to include at least ten courses on media or society in their academic program. Our students will get a separate certificate with their leaving certificate for their media and society studies.