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Principles of a safe space created for Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall

Principles of a safe space have been developed for the oldest swimming hall in Finland on Yrjönkatu street in cooperation with its customers. The principles were drawn up to ensure that everyone feels good, welcome and safe to enjoy the unique swimming hall.
Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall. Photo: Maarit Hohteri
Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall. Photo: Maarit Hohteri

Helsinki residents contributed to the principles of a safe space through a survey. In the survey, customers of the swimming hall answered questions on what kind of behaviour they consider discriminatory or inappropriate in the swimming hall and how everyone, through their actions, can help ensure that visits to the swimming hall are non-discriminatory for all.

The completed principles are displayed on the swimming hall’s premises and website, and the staff is also committed to the principles. The principles of a safe space refer to the social dimension of safety: attitudes and interaction. The aim of the principles is to help make everyone feel welcome regardless of their personal characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, functional capacity or language.

Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall is reportedly the first swimming hall in Finland to prepare principles of a safe space for customers. In Helsinki, principles of a safe space have previously been drawn up by various youth work units and Central Library Oodi, among others. Other sports facilities of the City of Helsinki will also introduce principles of a safe space.

Yrjönkatu swimming hall’s principles of safer space 

These principles have been drawn up together with the customers to ensure that everyone will feel good, welcome, and safe when visiting Yrjönkatu swimming hall.

Respect for others
Treat others as you would like others to treat you. Focus on your own actions and give others a chance to also have a good experience in the swimming hall.

Bodily integrity
Respect the bodily integrity of everyone, both in your words and in your actions. Sexual conduct and harassment are prohibited in the swimming hall.

Respect the diversity of other people. Discriminatory or racist talk and actions are prohibited. Everyone is equally entitled to enjoy visiting the swimming hall.

Behave in a civil, respectful manner and expect others to do so. If necessary, intervene and inform the staff if you witness discrimination, harassment, or other improper behaviour.