Playground Sanna to receive a facelift

Located in Länsi-Pasila, Playground Sanna will be renovated into a modern and nature-themed playground. The renovation, which starts in May 2024, will provide the playground with new play equipment, an exercise station, more greenery and new lighting. The playground will be reopened in summer 2025.
Illustration of what Playground Sanna will look like after the renovation.
Illustration of what Playground Sanna will look like after the renovation. Photo: Sitowise Group oyj

Playground Sanna is located in Susannanpuisto park in Länsi-Pasila, right at the edge of Central Park. The playground is demarcated in the north by the park corridor leading to Central Park, in the west by Central Park, in the south by Susannanpenkere and in the east by Maistraatinkatu. Approximately one sixth of the playground consists of forested and rocky areas.

There is a genuine need and demand for the renovation of the playground, as it is popular and used by children of many ages. In addition to serving as a venue for afternoon clubs, workshops and baby and family activities, the playground is also actively used by local residents.

Construction begins in May – new features include a water play area, a ball game area and an exercise station

The start of the renovation in May will be preceded in March by the felling of two trees that are in poor condition. Otherwise, the current vegetation of the park will be preserved and supplemented with the planting of new coniferous and deciduous tress and shrubs. The nature theme will be reflected in the natural surface and play equipment materials and their colour schemes.

The play area for young children will be expanded, and the playground’s play features will become more varied. New features include an outdoor exercise station and a new water play area that will replace the old wading pool. A ball game area for e.g. basketball will be constructed by the rocks. Furthermore, low play mounds will be constructed at the edges of the area and in the play area to make the playground more fun to play in.

The number of hangout spots in the park will be increased through the addition of various types of furniture and structures. In addition to this, a range of educational equipment for after-school activities will be added next to the shelter.

The renovation will also improve stormwater management in the area. The area is sloped, and its surfaces will be shaped to preserve the growing conditions of the trees. The forested area will be preserved as is. Drainage will be implemented by guiding some of the surface water to the plantings.

The lighting of the playground will be renewed in its entirety, making use of energy-efficient LED lamps.

Playground closed for the duration of the construction – construction will not cause any major disruptions in the area

The renovation will take just over a year, beginning in May 2024 and continuing up to summer 2025. The renewed playground is planned to be opened in early summer 2025, but no later than before the start of school in 2025.

The construction will close the park for a year, with access restricted by worksite fences. The machinery used in the construction and the work on the rocks may produce some noise, but the aim is to minimise the inconvenience caused to local residents. The work will be carried out on weekdays between 7:00 and 16:00.

Local residents are encouraged to use the playgrounds of neighbouring areas during the construction work. With Playground Sanna’s yard area being closed, the playground’s guided activities will resume in August 2024 at the address Pasilan puistotie 8.

The main contractor for the renovation project is Stara.

The Urban Environment Committee approved the plan for the playground on 14 November 2023.