Municipal infrastructure to be moved in Maunula and outdoor route to be renovated in Lampuotilanpuisto park

During the spring and summer, street renovation work will be carried out on Lampuotilantie and Maunulantie in Maunula, including water supply and underground cable transfers and building a new turning point. The excavation and road works will enable residential construction on the surrounding plots. In addition, a new park walkway will be built at the south-eastern end of the Lampuotilanpuisto park. Due to the relocation of the turning point and the construction of the park walkway, some trees have to be felled in the park in March.
Lampuotilanpuisto park and Lampuotilantie.
A view of the south-eastern end of the Lampuotilanpuisto park, where a new turning point will be built. The Lampuotilantie street runs in the foreground. Photo: Juhani Jaatinen

On the Lampuotilantie and Maunulantie streets, water supply and cable piping will be moved away from plots 28222 and 28225. The plots are located north and south of Lampuotilantie and west of Maunulantie. Excavation and road works in the area will enable residential construction on the plots in accordance with the detailed plan as well as safer pedestrian and cycling connections in the area.

Lampuotilantie will be transformed into a combined pedestrian and bicycle route. A turning point will be built at the Lampuotilanpuisto park and the turning point currently located on Lampuotilantie will be removed.

The intersection area of Maunulantie to Pirkkolantie will be renovated due to changes caused by pipe and cable transfers and the construction of Jokeri Light Rail on Pirkkolantie.

In addition, lighting poles will be renewed and stormwater drainage improved in the area.

The work will begin in mid-March on Lampuotilantie with water supply and district heating excavation work.

New park walkway in south-eastern end of Lampuotilanpuisto park

A new asphalted route will be built at the south-eastern end of the Lampuotilanpuisto park.

The park is currently a forest with spruce, birch and other trees. There is a steep path through the park, which is joined by a park walkway from Maunulanpolku in the east, and the route continues southwest to Kuusikkopolku and Metsäpuronkuja.

The new route will be serpentine to make the slope gentle enough. Some trees need to be removed from the area to allow for the new route. In March, before the bird nesting season, about 20 trees will be removed from the park. Some of the trees will have to be removed due to the construction of a new turning point. Later, 15 new trees will be planted in the area. The brushwood in the area will also be largely preserved and left unchanged.

Work to be completed by the end of October

The construction work on Lampuotilantie and Maunulantie and in the park is planned to be completed by the end of October 2023.

The construction sites will not cause much inconvenience in the area. Residents can access their plots as usual during the work. The aim is to use Maunulantie for site transport. Lampuotilantie will be completely closed to traffic between the Lampoutilanpuisto park and Maunulantie for the duration of the work. The aim is to keep the route in Lampoutilanpuisto open throughout the renovation work.

The contractor for the project is Stara. Residents of the area have been informed of the start of the work earlier.

Street work has previously been carried out in the area along the new route of Jokeri Light Rail at Pirkkolantie, Pirjontie and Pakilantie.

Read more about the plans in the City of Helsinki map service: leads to external service). You can find them under the street and park projects by choosing “this year’s street and park construction sites”.

Construction area on the map.
Construction area on the map.