Main cycling traffic connection Pitäjänmäenbaana currently being planned

The City of Helsinki is currently in the process of creating a master plan for Pitäjänmäenbaana. Pitäjänmäenbaana is a main route for cycling traffic, going along the railway from Pasila Station via Haaga and Pitäjänmäki to the border of Espoo. You can take part in the planning process by taking a survey and participating in a discussion event or a plan bike ride.
Pitäjänmäenbaana at Huopalahti station.  Photo: Ilari Heiska
Pitäjänmäenbaana at Huopalahti station. Photo: Ilari Heiska

The Pitäjänmäenbaana master plan currently being created will establish starting points for more detailed planning, determining the route and planning solutions for Pitäjänmäenbaana, and assessing the implementation costs and impacts. 

The objective is to improve the quality of the current cycling route to make it a main route for cycling while also improving walking conditions. The current route is not up to the quality standards of Baana routes in terms of aspects such as separating pedestrian traffic and cycling conditions. Different implementation solutions are being examined for different sections of Pitäjänmäenbaana, such as evening out the height differences along the route, increasing cycling and pedestrian traffic by widening the route, and potentially widening the current bridges. The planning solutions to be taken forward will be selected in the master plan based on the aforementioned examinations and resident feedback.

The Pitäjänmäenbaana planning area features sections that have already been planned or improved, and these sections will be coordinated with the master plan being created. The total length of Pitäjänmäenbaana is roughly 5.5 kilometres, of which a roughly 500-metre section has already been improved near Huopalahti Station and a roughly 300-metre section has been completed along Veturitie in Ilmala.

The Pitäjänmäenbaana master plan is set to be completed in the summer of 2024. The completion of the plan will be followed by planning work on implementing the different sections of the route. Pitäjänmäenbaana will be built in sections, and in some sections, construction could begin in 2025 at the earliest.

The survey is open and a discussion event will be held on 13 May

The City is currently collecting residents’ opinions on the preliminary planning solutions. You can see the drafts  and take the survey (in Finnish) via this link leads to external service). The survey will be open 6–20 May 2024.

A public event and a plan bike ride related to the planning of Pitäjänmäenbaana will also be held on Monday 13 May 2024.

The public event will be held in the multifunctional space of Pitäjänmäki Library (Jousipolku 1) on 13 May at 16.30–17.45. The event will showcase the preliminary planning solutions for Pitäjänmäenbaana and provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss the plans.

The public event will be followed by a plan bike ride together with the planners. The bike ride will start at 18.00 at the main doors of Pitäjänmäki Library and end by 19.30 in the Postipuisto/Ilmala area. The ride will involve stopping in a few places along the route to discuss the locations being planned. Attendees will have to bring their own bikes.

Helsinki is planning to build a city-wide network of high-quality cycling routes called Baana routes. The Baana routes will connect the largest residential areas with the city centre and other workplace hubs, facilitating smooth and safe cycling traffic for Helsinki residents of all ages. Pitäjänmäenbaana will be part of this network.